Mum ditches McDonalds takeaway habit and sheds 38kg

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A mum-of-two looks incredible after ditching her takeaway habit and shedding 38kg.

At 27-years-old, Lenna Wells, from Kent in the UK, weighed 102kg and felt insecure and ‘empty’ when she struggled to fit into a size 20.

Mum holding her baby
At 27-years-old, Lenna Wells, from Kent in the UK, weighed 102kg. Photo: Caters News

The barista decided to put an end to her unhealthy takeaway habit, which she said had spiralled out of control.

Lenna opted for convenient and quick food such as McDonalds drive-thru or a Chinese takeaway when she became pregnant with her son Finley, now five.

“The food would be bulging off my plate,” she said.

“I tried multiple fad diets before but I couldn’t give up on carbs and crisps.

“My weight gain was not only affecting my social life but Finley and his little brother Reuben, three, too."


Woman in lingerie after weight loss
She now weighs 64kg and wears a size 10-12. Photo: Caters News

Lenna said a wake up call was also when she attended a family wedding in December 2018 but left early because she felt so insecure.

"It took me ages to find a black long sleeved jumpsuit - in a bid to look slimmer,” she said.

"I felt so insecure on the day, I left the party early which isn't like me. I didn't want anyone to look at me."

After seeing a photo from the big day ,she said she barely recognised herself.

"My own reflection was like looking at a stranger. I felt so empty and low. I knew I had to change,” she said.

In January 2019, Lenna joined Slimming World and has never looked back. She now weighs 64kg and wears a size 10-12.

Woman in a back crop top and trousers at the gym
Lenna said she feels 'like a completely different person'. Photo: Caters News

She praises the weight loss group for allowing her to eat unlimited potatoes, pastas and rice.

“I feel like a completely different person,” she said.

Lenna also started working out at the gym and encourages other people to ‘believe in themselves’.

“I was once an emotional eater who would eat to feel happy but then feel sad after,” she said.

“I never thought I’d be able to change.But here I am, 38kg lighter and a size ten.I want other people to know that it is possible and you can lose weight.”


Breakfast - McDonalds sausage bagel

Lunch - Crisps and sausage roll

Dinner - Chinese egg fried rice, chicken chow mien, chicken balls, chips and chicken and mushroom curry - as much as I could fit on my plate

Eat leftovers for lunch


Breakfast - Full English or pancakes

Lunch - Tuna jacket potato

Dinner - Slimming World curry or Chinese fakeaway

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