MAFS' Hayley and Mishel slam returning bride Lizzie

Marni Dixit
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MAFS' Lizzie has been called out by co-stars Mishel and Hayley after they opened up about girls' night. Photo: Channel 9

Married At First Sight stars Hayley Vernon and Mishel Karen have taken to Instagram to slam the show, claiming they cut out crucial scenes that showed returning bride Lizzie Sobinoff in a negative light.

During the episode we saw Hayley and Stacey Hampton in an intense fight about Stacey not believing Hayley and her ‘husband’ Michael Goonan hooked up, instead choosing to believe him.

It didn't take long for Lizzie to jump in between the pair and insert herself into the argument. We then saw Lizzie and Stacey leave the party, but not before throwing a napkin in Hayley's face.

On Tuesday, Hayley and Mishel began commenting on a behind-the-scenes photo posted to the Instagram account MAFSFunny of Poppy Jennings clearly upset after leaving the girls' night.

Poppy told Woman's Day that she was taken out of the girls' night because Lizzie forced her to tell her everything that happened between Poppy and 'husband' Luke Eglin.

When fans commented on the photo asking why Poppy was crying, Hayley responded that it was because of Lizzie and Stacey.

She added, "Stacey and Elizabeth went [after] Poppy and made her cry! They went [after] every girl that entered the room one by one. If they didn't get a reaction they went away and kept coming back to get another flair up... what you didn't see is the argument stopping and her coming in for more... not just once, then I snapped."

Mishel responded, "I think that Lizzie got such a good edit??"

Hayley then said, "Thanks so much for saying that. I honestly didn't expect anyone to come out and say it. Let's face it she is [their] darling from this season. [They're] not going to show her second chance at redemption in a negative light. Mind you, she's had a major personality change this season the truth wouldn't fit that. The order of the events were wrong too..."

MAFS' Stacey was involved in a big argument with Hayley at the girls' night. Photo: Channel 9

Mishel quickly added, "I knew that they would not show it!!! As if reality TV being real!”

Responding to a fan asking her to explain things further, Mishel said, "Lizzy is a bully! She attacked every single woman that night! She is the hero, saviour of all women... where was the cocktail she threw at Hayley and then security pulling her [away]... What human does that! For ratings because she was told to by producers. I suppose for $100k any of us could act lol.”

Tash Herz added, "Not the only thing that got cut. Ridiculous." To which Hayley responded, "Agree!! I love how they didn't show Stacey being called out by producers to keep going [at] me and then when I snap they just show that."

Mishel also commented, saying, "The editing tonight... it is the fakest fake TV! I am like a magician! I am popping in and out like Houdini... next watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat... Every episode is a surprise! No one knows what is really going to happen. Reality NOT Reality TV."

MAFS' Mishel has taken to Instagram to slam the show's editing and label Lizzie a "bully". Photo: Channel 9

Mishel continued in another comment, "They are selling this comedy of errors to all of Australia. But no one cares about the bad editing? In [an] episode [two] days ago I am wearing [four]! Yes [four] different outfits in the same 'chat' lol."

Lizzie seemingly confirmed Hayley and Mishel's comments in an interview with TV Week about her first meeting with Hayley, she admitted: "I'm appalled by my behaviour."

She added, "I'd formed a close bond with Stacey and had heard about the cheating... I was going, 'It will be interesting to meet this woman.'"

While she may be "appalled" by how she acted, Lizzie insisted Hayley's behaviour was "revolting".

"I was very protective of Stacey," she says. "Hayley was pummelling Stacey as a person. You could see Stacey was hurting. I'm there going, 'Hang on – aren't you the one who, while this woman was at home with her kids, decided to hook up with her partner?'"

MAFS' Hayley was shocked by the editing of the girls' night episodes. Photo: Channel 9

Meanwhile, Hayley spoke to Woman's Day and alluded to the rumours that Stacey slept with Mikey Pembroke, saying: "I wanted to call her out for crucifying me over making out with Michael [Goonan], when she'd done far worse with Mikey."

"Lizzie was an absolute antagonist towards me – those crazy eyes from last year were back! She was screaming and shouting in my face while defending Stacey… it just didn't make sense," says Hayley.

"It was all too much – the other girls were in shock. I remember Connie [Crayden] being so overwhelmed, and KC [Osborne] almost fell off her chair,"

Hayley went on to say that Stacey accused her of being a sex worker, "It was just grubby."

Mishel told the mag that after several attempts to "make peace" with the feuding brides, she was taken away by producers: "I was taken off set! I was literally whisked up into a room and banned from speaking," which would explain the Houdini comment on Instagram.

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