'Frustrating as f***': MAFS Mishel slams Lizzie on camera

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Mishel has lashed out at Lizzie. Photo: Nine

Though she has remained more or less tight-lipped amidst the increasingly toxic sea of rumour and resentment to emerge from this year’s season of MAFS, Mishel has unexpectedly unleashed on a newcomer.

The mum of two pulled no punches when discussing the contestants with whom she didn’t get along with Who.

More than happy to name and shame, the bride who was matched with groom Steve, instantly named Lizzie when asked which contestant annoyed her the most, and she didn’t stop there.

“Far out, it's frustrating as f**ck when people weren't real. Out of the originals, no one,” she said of who got on her nerves.

“But out of the intruders, probably Lizzie. She annoyed me but I just kind of ignored her.”

Mishel is no stranger to speaking her mind. Photo: Nine

Mishel went on to label the two-time contestant ‘fake’ and even seemed to be convinced she was only in it for fame.

"She was in it for fame. Like, no one would ever endure this twice,’ she said.

The bombshell statement comes just after Lizzie’s highly anticipated return to the show on Sunday evening.

Not the first criticism Lizzie has weathered

Lizzie has already weathered some controversy this year. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

Though Lizzie boasts a loyal fan base, she has weathered some concern and controversy lately.

The jilted MAFS bride wowed fans with a jaw-dropping transformation ahead of the show, but though the star has previously opened up about her struggle with chronic illness and fluctuating weight, some fans are expressing genuine concern.

“Sorry I don’t want to sound rude in any way but your beautiful but you don’t look well,” one fan wrote.

“I adore you, yet I’m genuinely concerned. This is now beyond just ‘looking skinny’ I hope you are ok,” another wrote.

Others hit back, pointing out the star is clearly damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

“She was copping it last time on MAFS for being too big, now to thin, all I love is that she looks happy,” one wrote.

“Lizzy is her own person, who is happy within herself with how she is and it is no one's right to make her feel otherwise! “ another agreed.

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