MAFS' Hayley confirms controversial return to the show

Marni Dixit
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MAFS' Hayley Vernon is set to return to the show for a girls' night. Photo: Channel Nine

Married At First Sight's Hayley Vernon has confirmed she returns to the show just a few weeks after she was kicked off.

Daily Mail reports the 32-year-old was photographed returning to Sydney on November 26, a month before the scheduled cast reunion to film a girls night.

Speaking with the publication, she was asked what she was expecting for her return to the show.

"What am I expecting from tonight? I'm a little bit in the dark about what's going on, to be honest with you," she explained.

"It could be a little bit of a s**t show, based on everything that has been going down, couldn't it? Am I going to bring more drama? Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth! A lot of them I don't get along with."

The publication reports the girls' night will air in the next two weeks. No doubt it'll be a huge surprise for the brides and grooms still on the show.

Hayley left MAFS on October 16, which means her return came a full six weeks after she had already said goodbye.

MAFS' Hayley and David were forced to leave the experiment as their relationship was labelled "toxic". Photo: Channel Nine

The finance broker didn't have many friends left by the time she exited the show after kissing Michael Goonan during an 11-day production break in late September. It was then exposed at the third dinner party.

During an appearance on A Current Affair, Hayley revealed that she and Michael kissed numerous times throughout the night after they went out together during filming to Darling Harbour.

"It wasn’t just one kiss," Hayley said. "It wasn’t this big in-depth thing. The guy walked into a room, had his Tommy Hilfiger top on walking around like the alpha male that he thinks he is. And we macked on.”

"We went from chair to chair to chair. We went out. Kissed. It wasn’t just one kiss. It was happening for the night."

MAFS' Stacey defended Michael following the cheating scandal between him and Hayley. Photo: Channel 9

Meanwhile, Michael has refused to admit anything happened that night at all and his ‘wife’ Stacey Hampton surprisingly sided with him, branding Hayley a liar.

Hayley posted on Instagram when the episode aired, "Showing your truth and being hated for it is better than wearing a mask and being liked for it.

"I’ll walk alone everyday of the year rather than conform to the blinded masses. [Don't] ever be afraid to speak the truth. It will piss people off, they will often deflect to cover [their] own insecurities but in the end it will always set you free!"

Hayley's 'husband' David Cannon was slammed on social media after revealing he got revenge on her cheating by cleaning a dirty toilet with her toothbrush and leaving it for her to use.

At their final commitment ceremony, David chose to leave the experiment, however, Hayley decided to stay as a form of punishment to her 'husband'.

Thankfully, the experts wouldn't allow them to stay as their 'marriage' had become completely "toxic".

Taking to Instagram after the ceremony aired on TV, Hayley wrote, "I should [have written] leave. I should [have] been the bigger person. There was a part of me that wanted him to suffer as I did. When John said we would be leaving I automatically felt relief."

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