'Didn't mean to deceive': MAFS Mishel reveals her real name and job

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Married At First Sight star Mishel Karen at one of the show's scandalous dinner parties. Photo: Channel Nine
Married At First Sight star Mishel Karen has revealed her real name and job title in new interview. Photo: Channel Nine

Married At First Sight's Mishel Karen has been labeled as a 'teacher' throughout her time on the show, but it seems as though that's not exactly true.

The 49-year-old, who is paired with barber Steve Burley, is actually employed by Queensland Police as a policy trainer, but was asked not to reveal her title.

In an interview with Woman's Day, Mishel explained, "I am a qualified teacher but I am currently the policy trainer for [Queensland police].

"I never wanted to deceive the public, but my work asked me not to reveal it."

The publication also reveals Mishel's surname Karen isn't her given or married name. It's believed to have been her middle name, but she has since been adopted it as her surname legally.

The reality star's maiden name was Bogdanovski and her former married name was Trajceski.

Mark Scrivens from last year’s MAFS season also didn’t acknowledge the fact he worked for the Australian Federal Police.

Former Married At First Sight star Mark Scrivens
Former Married At First Sight star Mark Scrivens was also told not to disclose his job at Australian Federal Police. Photo: Channel Nine

Mark was instead labelled as a personal trainer who had previously served in the Army.

Meanwhile, viewers noticed a hilarious editing fail during Sunday night's commitment ceremony when Mishel and Steve were on the couch.

Fans noticed Steve's facial hair seemed to change as the cameras flashed between himself and other contestants.

A MAFS editing fail involving Steve Burley
A MAFS editing fail revealed Steve Burley's facial hair seemingly grew between takes. Photo: Instagram/MAFSFunny

“When the commitment ceremony is so long Steve grows a beard while sat on the sofa,” MAFS Funny posted on Instagram.

“This was next level bad,” the page added in the caption, asking fans whether or not they spotted the magically growing and disappearing beard.

While some fans hadn't noticed the glitch, others shared their amusement in the comments.

"The whole show is an editing fail," one user wrote.

Another added, “Big fail! Guessing she actually said no then changed her mind so they reshot??”

MAFS bride Connie Craydon was grilled this morning on Hit Radio with Jason ‘Bodge’ Bodger and Krysti Dixon, who asked her about Steve’s beard disappearing.

“I’ve seen a few of those [editing fails] myself,” she said, adding that sometimes filming for the commitment ceremonies “felt like weeks”.

When quizzed about whether or not the filming does actually go over a few days, she replied slyly: “It does seem like that doesn’t it.”

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