Farmer Wants A Wife's Dustin responds to major complaint from fans

Farmer Dustin tells us how he feels about THAT criticism.

Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Dustin Manwaring has responded to the major complaint from fans that he and some of the other farmers are too young to be looking to settle down and find a wife.

When Seven first shared images of the farmers on Instagram, fans were quick to point out that the oldest farmer was 33, while the youngest was 22, with many left wishing there were older men on the show.

"Can the 22 year olds please chill? We all know they’re not looking for a wife," one user wrote.

"I know! It would be good if they got some 40+ ones for once," another agreed.

Farmer Wants a Wife's Farmer Dustin
Farmer Wants a Wife's Farmer Dustin has responded to a major complaint from fans on social media. Photo: Seven

"All too young, where are the older farmers?" a third wrote.

"Awwww where are the mature men who are actually looking for love.... these little whipper-snapper are too young," someone else said.

"Bummer, none in their 40’s this time," another wrote.


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle on Friday morning ahead of the show's premiere on Sunday night, Dustin shared his thoughts, revealing he simply believed there are fewer older farmers looking for love.

"Yeah, it's interesting to see the comments and like, 'Where's the old farmers?' It's like, well obviously they have wives, like otherwise they'd be on here," he quipped. "There's a lot more younger farmers [who] are probably single, so it sort of makes sense.

Farmer Wants a Wife stars 2024
Fans were annoyed that the oldest farmer was 33, while the youngest was 22, with many left wishing there were older men on the show. Photo: Seven

"And, I don't know, do you really want to see an older person kissing on camera? They're probably boring! I don't know, like in reality people like the drama, and you're probably not going to get that from an old farmer. And they probably won't put up with everything as well, think they're even more straight shooters than us, we're a bit more flexible."

He jokingly adds, "Who wants to see old people kissing? No thanks!"

"I think if they want to be on it, they're going to apply, I just think there's less of them, to be honest."

Plenty of other social media users are excited by this year's lineup, with many saying they wish they'd signed up for the show.


"When does this start? This guy is so hot 😍," one user said of Dustin on Instagram.

"Already my fave," another said of the cattle farmer.

"He seems so sweet!! 🥺🫶🏼," a third added.

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