Farmer Wants A Wife fans call out major change in new season: 'Not the same'

Channel Seven has begun promoting the fourteenth season of the popular reality show.

Farmer Wants A Wife viewers have declared that the upcoming season of the reality show won’t be as good as previous years due to one simple reason.

As promos for season 14 have begun rolling out on social media, many fans have said they won’t be watching because Natalie Gruzlewski is no longer the host.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Natalie Gruzlewski.
Fans have said they won’t watch the new season of Farmer Wants A Wife because Natalie Gruzlewski is no longer the host. Photo: Channel Seven

“Please bring Natalie back to host it,” one person commented on Facebook, followed by another who added, “It’s not the same without Nat”.

“Please bring back Nat to host this show. She was such a good host!” a third shared, while someone else admitted, “I stopped watching this show once the compare changed”.

“I used to enjoy watching this show but not since the host changed. Will not be watching anymore unless they bring back Nat. She is so good,” a different user remarked.


Natalie hosted the first eight seasons of Farmer Wants A Wife from 2007 to 2012 and returned in 2020 when the show changed networks but was demoted to an ‘advisor’ last year when Samantha Armytage took over her role.

The former Sunrise host joined the series as a ‘special guest’ in 2022, however, she became the show’s official host last year and will maintain the position this season.

Meanwhile, Channel Seven has confirmed that Natalie will be returning this year as a ‘co-host’, although she is yet to feature in any of the teaser trailers for the new season.

Samantha Armytage.
Samantha Armytage will host this year’s season of the reality show. Photo: Channel Seven

Why isn't Natalie Gruzlewski hosting FWAW?

It was reported last year that Natalie felt “blindsided” when Sam took over her role for season 13 and she might not return to the show in 2024.

“No one saw this coming, least of all Nat. She didn't know the full extent of the role changes until recently - it was a bolt out of the blue!” a source told New Idea at the time.

“Sam has sold herself as the better choice because she maintains she is married to a farmer, grew up on a farm, and therefore is more relatable.”

While there has been plenty of speculation as to why Natalie is no longer hosting the show, she is yet to speak out about the change herself.


Brook Hall, Seven’s Director of Content Scheduling, told TV Tonight last year that the two presenters had essentially swapped roles - but didn’t comment on why.

“They’re both in the show still. (Previously) Nat was front and centre and Sam was advising on dates,” he said.

“But if I’m being honest, they’ve kind of slightly flipped. Nat has ‘Nat’s Getaway’ so she’ll be co-host, she’ll be opening the start. It’s more blended, with one front and one appearing. But yes, Samantha Armytage is taking more centre stage.”

Farmer Wants A Wife is coming soon to Channel Seven and 7plus

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