Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert hits out at fans' shock claims: 'Not a real farmer'

Farmer Wants a Wife's Bert and Dustin spilled all about their time on the show to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Every year, at least one farmer from Farmer Wants A Wife is hit with allegations that they're not a 'real' farmer, and this year, pineapple farmer Bert Harris was one of them.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle on Friday ahead of the show's premiere on Sunday night, Bert and Farmer Dustin Manwaring laughed off claims from fans and people from Wamuran, the town Bert's from in Queensland, that he's not a real farmer.

Farmer Wants a Wife star Bert Harris
Farmer Wants a Wife's Bert tells Yahoo Lifestyle what he thinks about claims he's 'not a real farmer'. Photo: Seven

"A farmer to me has sheep, cattle, [and] wheat," one fan wrote on a Facebook video about Bert. "Work from dawn to dusk, shearing, droving, marking sheep, drenching, ploughing, harvesting. Thousands of acres... that's my farmer, not someone who grows pineapples."

"Do any of these guys actually have a farm in their name?" another questioned.


"So, they all own a farm this year, right? I guess we’ll find out soon," a sceptical fan wrote.

"So, does he own the farm or just work on it?" yet another asked. "He said he is putting in overtime. Farmers don't do overtime. It's just work work work."

When asked if all the farmers on the show are 'real farmers', Dustin tells us, "I think we do, yeah."

"Apparently, I'm not a real farmer," Bert says, with Dustin joking, "Actually, you're not!"

Farmer Dustin and Farmer Bert from Farmer Wants A Wife
Farmer Dustin teased Bert, joking that he's not a real farmer. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

"Yeah, I'm not a real farmer," Bert adds with a laugh, as Dustin explains, "A pineapple farmer isn't a farmer, I suppose."

"Yeah, that doesn't count as a farm," Bert says.

"Gotta have sheep, cows, and tractors – you've got tractors?" Dustin adds, as Bert tells us he does, in fact, have tractors.

"But, nah, you don't count," Dustin teases.

Bert adds that it wasn't just fans who thought he wasn't a real farmer, but even locals from his town.


"The local bakery – someone said that I wasn't a real farmer because they had never seen me in the bakery before," he says with a smile. "So I can't tell if they just don't have good meat pies, or if I'm just not a farmer!"

"I'd say the pies, definitely," Dustin quips.

Farmer Wants A Wife premieres 7pm Sunday, 14 April on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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