Kmart customer praised for positive body message in viral dress: 'Looks amazing'

The single mother shared an important lesson on body confidence.

Chloe Ferrari in stills from her TikTok.
A single mother has shared a positive body message in a recent TikTok. Photo: TikTok/Chloe Ferrari

An Aussie mum has received waves of praise online after showing off a new viral dress from budget retailer Kmart on her size 12 figure. Influencer Chloe Ferrari, who often shares body-positive messages to her more than 275,000 followers on TikTok, took to the app to flaunt the dress and enforce the idea that “you can still look hot as f*** without a flat stomach”.

“I don’t have a flat stomach and I don’t hate myself,” Ferrari, of Adelaide, said in the video, which has now been watched over 30,000 times. “Yes I know I’m only a size 12 … and it’s not about being like ‘oh my god I love myself so much’, it’s simply not hating yourself.”

Despite the average Australian dress size sitting between a 14 and 16, the single mother has previously received backlash on social media for embracing her body and wearing figure-hugging outfits.


In an Instagram video where Ferrari tried on another bodycon Kmart dress, she wrote “please don’t let having a tummy hold you back from wearing what you’re comfortable in” after a commenter described her as “gross”.

Thankfully, on TikTok, the creator’s recent video was received more positively by her followers, who praised her confidence and anti-body-shaming ethos.

In the video, Ferrari wore the Kmart long-sleeve Luxe Square Neck Maxi dress in the deep brown "coffee bean" colour.

“I love the top of this here,” she said while pointing to the square neckline, before drawing attention to the ruching around the stomach area. “I like that it’s got some ruching because it makes it a lot easier to disguise undies.

“If you’ve been wanting to try a similar dress, then f***ing go for it,” Ferrari continued. “The only way to gain confidence is by doing the thing that you are scared to do and simply practice doing it. Sometimes that means just getting the dress and wearing it around the house.”

Influencer Chloe Ferrari is known for her body positivity content. Photo: Instagram/Chloe Ferrari
Influencer Chloe Ferrari is known for her body positivity content. Photo: Instagram/Chloe Ferrari

Her followers were quick to compliment both the dress, and the message behind the video.

“I literally hate making TikToks with my full body because I’ve been judging myself but you might just give me the confidence,” one follower wrote.

“You look amazing!” another gushed. “I just had a baby and this makes me feel so much better.”

“This dress is such a vibe,” a third commenter wrote.


Others even rushed to buy the dress for themselves after seeing the video.

“I got the black (version) of this, I love the neckline!” a follower shared in the comments section. “Learning to love my belly.”

“I own every version they come out with in this dress at a size 22 and will continue to buy them if they release any more,” another wrote.

Kmart's long-sleeve square neck maxi dress is just $30. Photo: Kmart
Kmart's long-sleeve square neck maxi dress is just $30. Photo: Kmart

“That neckline is so cute!,” a fellow commenter chimed in.

The viral dress is available in Kmart stores and online for just $30 – but you might have to be quick if you want to get your hands on it, as Ferrari’s followers may have got there first.

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