I'm A Celebrity star shocks fans as he leaves the show: 'I'm almost numb'

The star revealed he couldn't be away from his family any longer.

Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz shocked fans and his campmates after being the first star to voluntarily leave I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Australia.

Frankie felt guilty over the fact that he was on the show and not with his wife Paige and son Mauz, with the former child star tearing up as he read a letter from her in the jungle.

Frankie Muniz cries
Frankie Muniz became very emotional after receiving a letter from his wife while in the South African jungle. Photo: Ten

In the letter, Paige shared that Mauz has yelled at the TV while watching Frankie in the jungle, telling him to play with him and his trucks, which viewers could see broke the star's heart completely.

Frankie shared that he was "mad" at himself, because even when he was home, he still missed big moments.


"I missed his third birthday being here. I missed the first time he walked. The first time he talked. I missed all of that," he said. "I was working... Or thinking I was doing something I had to do."

"I had no idea what to expect coming in here," he told his campmates through tears. "The weird part is, I’m not an emotional person because I’ve been so busy, I’m almost numb. But I’ve felt so many incredible feelings here with you guys.

Frankie Muiz with his wife Pagie and son Mauz
Frankie with his wife Paige and son Mauz. Photo: Instagram/pogmuniz

"My current situation with my wife and son is… I’m guilty of not noticing what they do for me. Hearing my wife say that my son is sad that I don’t play trucks with him, I realise I’ve been home so many days, and when I’m home I’m not present. And I’m so ready to be present."

Frankie told his campmates that he was a "changed" man, saying, "You guys know me now, the real me."

"All I want to be known as is the best father, and best husband to my wife, and hopefully a good friend."

He then said the magic words: "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."

Frankie leaves I'm A Celebrity
Frankie told his campmates that he was a "changed" man and was ready to be the best father and husband he could be. Photo: Ten

Fans shared their love for Frankie on social media, with one X user writing, "Get the tissues I’m a mess. Frankie is a beautiful human. He deserves to be with his family."

"Awww I loved getting to know Frankie, he is such a great guy, hope he and his family come visit Australia soon," another added.


"I’m happy for Frankie to have this revelation, I really hope he gets fulfilment from his family life now," a third said.

Frankie was the third celebrity to leave the show after Denise Drysdale and Candice Warner.

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