EXCLUSIVE: MAFS cast in hot water for leaking storylines and breaching contracts

An insider has claimed production is trying to crack down on this year's MAFS stars after some went rogue.

Married At First Sight may be over, but as any good fan knows the drama doesn't die straight away, especially as the cast start to speak out about their time on the show, their edit, and where they're at now in life.

An inside source told Yahoo Lifestyle in recent weeks that multiple brides and grooms have been called out for "leaking storylines and breaching their contracts" with Ben Walters, Sara Mesa, and Eden Harper reportedly in hot water for breaking the show's social media policy and actively posting on TikTok.

MAFS Lauren and Sara and Ben
Lauren and Sara, and Ben. Photo: Instagram.com/Nine

The source says: “Production has come down hard on the cast this year and are happy to make an example of people, reminding them they've all signed legally binding contracts which they're actively breaching.”


It is understood that no cast members are facing legal action for going against their contracts, but production has “gently reminded them” that they would be within their rights to do this.

However, Ben Walters told Yahoo Lifestyle that he hasn't heard a peep from production since speaking out to media and moving his social content to TikTok.

Ben Walters MAFS dinner party
Ben Walters was a divisive character on this year's MAFS. Photo: Nine

"I’m grateful for the MAFS opportunity and many good producers and talent team for getting me onboard the MAFS wagon," he said. "They haven’t helped me one bit with the edit I’ve received and have blocked any publicity to tell my side of the story and for that they can continue to 'reprimand' all they like. I feel it’s no different to a musician deciding to leave a label and be independent. I’ve gone a bit bananas on TikTok and they haven’t said a peep."


Since the show wrapped, some of the cast have taken to TikTok to start creating content, as they don't have control of their own Instagram accounts again until mid-May when the show finishes airing in the UK.

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