Bindi Irwin calls on fans for important decision: 'We need your help'

The Wildlife Warrior has reached out on behalf of Australia Zoo.

Bindi Irwin has reached out to fans on Instagram asking for help with a very important decision. The Wildlife Warrior, who is passionate about animal conservation, revealed that Australia Zoo needs to name their newest koala joey.

She shared some sweet snaps of the baby animal on Instagram, showing the little koala having a munch on eucalyptus leaves and hitching a ride on its mother’s back.

Bindi Irwin leaning up against a tree trunk
Bindi Irwin has asked fans for name suggestions for their newest Australia Zoo arrival. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin

“Crikey! Wildlife Warriors, we need your help. Our darling koala joey needs a name. Comment below your best naming suggestions and tag a friend to do the same.

“Together with #AustrailaZoo we will be choosing the very best,” she wrote in the caption.


Fans couldn’t get enough of the baby koala, with many gushing about how “cute” and “sweet” it looked.

People were quick to suggest naming the joey after Bindi’s late father Steve, with others floating the name Olivia, for Aussie icon Olivia Newton-John.

A koala joey riding on its mother's back in the trees
The tiny koala looked adorable in Bindi's snaps. Photo: Instagram/bindisueirwin

“When I was younger, I had a koala joey toy from Australia Zoo, and I named him Silky, because of his silky smooth coat. So I think Silky could be a cute name,” a fan suggested.

“Name him or her after a place in Australia. My parents named my siblings and I after places in Australia,” a second shared.

“He is a Joey and you already have a Chandler…so Ross, Phoebe, Monica or Rachel,” a third quipped, referencing the popular sitcom Friends.


Another fan came up with a creative way to honour all the koalas who died in bushfires.

“[What about] a tribute to assist with the many habitats and koalas injured or lost to bushfires each year,” a fan commented, putting forward the names “Ember” and “Ash”.

“How lucky we all are to have your incredible family and Australia Zoo team,” the fan added.

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