Aldi customers excited about 'flaky, buttery' Roti: 'My new obsession'

Get ready to be hooked – Aldi's roti parathas are a taste sensation worth keeping to yourself.

If the mere thought of a vacant spot in Aldi's freezer where their popular frozen roti is typically stocked makes you break into a cold sweat, then it's probably best to stop reading now. Aldi's Urban Eats Indian Style Roti Paratha has stealthily become the obsession of many Aldi shoppers, and they're not exactly eager to spill the beans.

Aldi roti paratha frozen (left) and cooked on a plate (right).
Aldi shoppers have a secret they don't want you to know about. Photo: Facebook

Priced at just $4.29 for a pack of eight, these divine flatbreads are an absolute steal at just 53 cents each. But here's the kicker – they're so darn good that Aldi customers are practically forming a protective circle around them, fearing they might vanish from the shelves if the secret gets out.


In a popular Facebook group for Aldi-loving mums, the latest discussions about these roti parathas have sparked a covert operation of sorts.

'Don't buy them'

"These are absolutely terrible. As a public service, I will purchase them all so you don’t have to suffer the convenience of flaky, buttery Roti that can be cooked straight from frozen," wrote one mum. "Jokes aside, these are my new obsession!"

"That was supposed to be our little secret, now everyone will go after them," joked one shopper, capturing the sentiment shared by many who are desperately trying to keep these delish accompaniments under wraps. Others chimed in with playful warnings, stressing the need to protect their stash.

"They're s**t," quipped someone else, tongue firmly in cheek, "don't buy them," echoing the playful banter.

"Complete crap. Don't even bother. I've already bought them all so all of you don't have to experience what s**t tastes like," laughed another, joining in on the joke. "Yes.... you are right...terrible... everyone step away..." shared someone else.

The 8-pack of Indian style Roti Paratha from Aldi sells for $4.29. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums
The 8-pack of Indian style Roti Paratha from Aldi sells for $4.29. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

But despite their efforts to keep it quiet, the love for Aldi's roti parathas is out in the open and here to stay.

"Always have some in the freezer!" exclaimed one fan, while another declared them to be "THE BOMB!!!" "I'm addicted to these and have been for some time now!" confessed a third person.

Savoury surprises and sweet treats

However, it's not just their delicious taste that has shoppers hooked; it's also their versatility in the kitchen. Aldi customers have been flexing their culinary muscles, experimenting with various fillings and recipes.


From savoury options like stuffed with mozzarella and spiced mince mixtures to sweet treats like jam-filled or rolled with Nutella and strawberries, the possibilities are endless.

So, if you happen to stumble upon Aldi's freezer aisle and spot these covert delights, consider yourself one of the lucky few. Just remember, when it comes to Aldi's roti parathas, mum's the word – at least until you've stocked up your stash!

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