Aldi shoppers rave about little-known $4 freezer item: 'Secret's out'

Home cooks can't get enough of the Indian-style roti flatbreads from Aldi

Aldi customers are raving about the retailer's Indian-style Roti Paratha, with many claiming it rivals the taste of restaurant-quality fare.

With a price tag of just $4.29, and found in the frozen aisle, the flaky, layered flatbread comes in a pack of eight, translating to just 53 cents per roti, and according to many happy Aldi customers, you won't find a better tasting accompaniment for your curry.

The 8-pack of Indian style Roti Paratha from Aldi sells for $4.29
The 8-pack of Indian style Roti Paratha from Aldi sells for $4.29. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

The highly-praised product has sparked a frenzy of discussion in a popular Facebook group dedicated to Aldi-loving mums, where one member shared an image of the Urban Eats Roti, proclaiming it to be the best roti they've come across.

Alongside a picture showcasing the frozen and cooked product, she confidently proclaimed, "Perfect every time."

The post immediately drew an enthusiastic response from group members, who echoed the sentiment of the original poster regarding the superior quality of the Roti Paratha. One member even credited the roti with successfully introducing her autistic 7-year-old to curry.


"They are the best" one person responded enthusiastically, "And the easiest to cook."

"I've tried so many brands and Aldi's roti is the best by far," replied another.

"I agree! As a Singaporean I am surprised these Aldi Parathas are so so so yummy," said a third.

While many celebrated the discovery, one member couldn't help but jest, "Oh no I was dreading someone posting this... Now everyone's going to buy it. The secret's out."

In addition to being a popular accompaniment to curries, Aldi customers have discovered various innovative ways to incorporate the versatile Roti Paratha into their meals.

One member, in particular, shared a personal cooking tip: when the flatbread starts to puff, she cuts it open and fills it with a variety of delicious ingredients, such as leftover curry or a combination of ham, cheese, and eggs, creating a mouthwatering pocket-filled paratha.

Aldi roti cooking
"Love it!" exclaimed another group member, sharing an image of her Aldi Roti being cooked. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

In addition to savoury options, other members also highlighted the versatility of the Roti Paratha as a dessert choice.

"They are delicious with butter and strawberry jam smothered all over," one person wrote, while someone else shared they liked to eat them "with Nutella and banana."


However, not all members shared the same enthusiasm about the roti due to concerns about certain ingredients, particularly the presence of emulsifiers and palm oil.

One member expressed their disappointment, noting, "Unfortunately, the ingredients are not great," and another agreed, stating, "I don't buy them because of the ingredients."

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