Aldi baking paper sparks fiery debate among Aussie mums: 'Had to put out the flames'

Some social media users have called for the product to be recalled.

When it comes to kitchen catastrophes, a recent warning from an Aussie mum has ignited a heated debate among Aldi shoppers. In a post shared on the Aldi Mums Facebook group, one vigilant mum issued a stern caution about a seemingly innocuous product from the supermarket giant: Aldi's Goliath baking paper.

Concerns have been raised over the safety and performance of Aldi's Goliath baking paper. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums
Concerns have been raised over the safety and performance of Aldi's Goliath baking paper. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

The concerned mum shared a photo of the aftermath of her oven tray, revealing that the supposedly non-stick paper had turned into a charred and blackened mess in under 10 minutes.

"Be careful," she urged fellow shoppers, painting a vivid picture of the potential fire hazard lurking within their kitchens.

"If we didn't notice, that's a fire started," she ominously added, prompting a flurry of alarmed responses from other group members who shared similar tales of baking paper woes.

"Mine did the same thing. I don't like it!" lamented one, while another called for a product recall, with group members branding the product "dangerous" and "utter trash."

"It's the stickiest non-stick paper I've ever used," chimed in another, echoing the sentiment of frustration shared by many.

With horror stories of flames erupting and kitchen disasters narrowly averted, it's clear that this baking paper has left a sour taste in the mouths of many Aldi shoppers."This always happens to mine, and worse on grill; I will never buy it again. Last time had to put out the flames," one group member shared.


Divided opinions

Yet, amidst the chorus of complaints, there were dissenting voices who sang the praises of the contentious product.

"Omg mine has never done that!" exclaimed one, sparking a wave of anecdotes from satisfied users who had experienced no such kitchen calamities. Some even proposed the idea that the original poster might have confused baking paper with wax sandwich wrap, which could have contributed to the issue.

However, one savvy commenter offered a plausible explanation for the paper's shortcomings, suggesting a broader industry shift towards less effective baking papers.

"I'm finding all baking papers, no matter the brand, have changed dramatically," they revealed. "They no longer stick and burn easily. Apparently, particles of a substance previously used in these products have been banned, so this is what we have now."

Reflecting on the shift, they mused: "It's time to find out how our grandmothers use to do these things."

So, can someone ask their Nanna and let us know?

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