Kyle Sandilands reveals name he and Tegan have chosen for baby boy

Kyle Sandilands has revealed the name he and fiancée Tegan Kynaston have decided on for their baby boy.

Sharing the news live on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday morning, the shock jock told his co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson that they had decided on the name Otto.

Kyle Sandilands and fiancée Tegan Kynaston pregannt
Kyle Sandilands and fiancée Tegan Kynaston are expecting a baby boy. Photo: Instagram

Jackie had been talking about her own daughter's future career, saying she hoped her 11-year-old Catalina 'Kitty' Henderson would follow in her footsteps by becoming a radio presenter.

"I was thinking, because Kyle's having a boy, in 20 years' time, like, it's the 'Kitty and whatever-you're-going-to-call-your-kid Show'," she said.

To which Kyle then replied: "Otto. That's what we're going to call him."


"I don't think it's gone down too well with the family. Even Tegan's mum goes, 'Oh, there's no need to rush into a name'," he continued.

"And my auntie Jill went, 'What sort of stupid name is that?'"

kyle sandilands Tegan Kynaston
Kyle shared the name they had chosen on radio on Thursday morning. Photo: Instagram/Tegan Kynaston

Less than one month after announcing his engagement to Tegan Kynaston, Kyle Sandilands revealed that the couple was expecting their first child together.

“You’ve seen me through many career ups and downs, you’ve seen me nearly get fired, nearly get cancelled, multiple times,” he said on air back in February.

“Am I going to keep doing this job? Am I going to do something different in my life? What can I do at 50 years old that I’ve never done in my life before?”

Kyle then played an ‘audio clue’ of a baby’s heartbeat, asking Jackie what she thought it meant for the next stage of his life.

“We all know what that is,” she replied with excitement.

“I’m having a baby, baby!” he exclaimed, which was met with cheers and confetti as Tegan, 35, entered the studio.

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