Furious Kyle Sandilands blasts comedian over podcast ban: 'F**k off'

Kyle Sandilands has blasted ABC host Wil Anderson, after the comedian claimed this week he would never invite the shock jock onto his podcast.

Wil Anderson had said he didn't invite people with their own platforms and 'agenda' onto his show, and while Kyle initially seemed unbothered by the snub, his tune changed on Wednesday.

Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Sandilands has lashed out at Wil Anderson on air. Photo: Instagram/KIISFM

"F**k Wil Anderson. F**k off. I don't hate the bloke, but I'm not putting up with his bulls**t," Kyle blasted the Wilosophy host during The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The KIIS FM radio host also went on to call out his management company.

"The management company hates me because I destroyed all the big clients," he added.


The Gruen host had told news.com.au this week he refused to interview Kyle because he doesn't want to give a platform to people with certain 'agendas'.

"If you're interviewing someone with an agenda and you're asking them questions, you become a platform for spreading that agenda," Wil said.

"So that's the reason Andrew Bolt and Kyle Sandilands aren't going to get an invitation to be on the show.

"And I just think Kyle is great at generating his own publicity. He doesn't need a hand from me."

Gruen host Wil Anderson
Gruen host Wil Anderson said he wouldn't have Kyle Sandilands on his Podcast. Photo: ABC

A day earlier, Kyle had speculated that Anderson had banned him for his political views and support of former US president Donald Trump.

"Maybe Wil thinks because I like Donald Trump that I'm a right-wing lunatic because a lot of these left-wing people don't understand most people sit in the middle," he said.

"I liked Trump because he's entertaining. He was making America money."

He also suggested maybe the reason was jealousy.

"A lot of radio people are jealous that I've been able to make millions of dollars but they're barely able to pay their rent," Kyle said.

It comes after Kyle and co-host Jackie O themselves revealed the 'worst celebrity interview' they've done on the show, which resulted in the star being banned.

During Monday morning's radio show, Kyle Sandilands told listeners that an interview with Friends star Matt LeBlanc in 2016 - to promote his BBC series Top Gear - "didn't go well".

"He was very arrogant and then he had to get hung up on and sworn at," Kyle said. "And then banned from ever coming back again. Worst interview in the world!"

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