Kmart's $29 makeup mirror sends shoppers into a frenzy: 'Life changing'

This affordable beauty tool has been labelled 'genius' by customers.

An Aussie TikToker has just unveiled the $29 beauty item from Kmart that will change your life. Holly Turner, who shares make-up tips and lifestyle content on social media, gushed about Kmart's flip-lid mirror with an LED frame.

The portable and lightweight item slots perfectly into your steering wheel, so you can do your makeup in the car – when you’re safely parked, of course.

“You need this Kmart find if you do your make-up in the car like me,” the TikToker said excitedly. “Instead of [using the visor mirror] or a compact mirror, get this mirror. It folds out [and] you can slot this [on] your steering wheel.”

Two images of an Aussie TikToker showing off a Kmart LED mirror.
Run, don't walk to Kmart. Photo: TikTok/@ho11turner

She demonstrated how the mirror sat hands-free on the steering wheel before showing off its other features.

“[The mirror has] a light, you need this if you do your makeup in the car – it’s so epic and handy,” she added.

In the TikTok caption, she wrote: “Run to Kmart girls! I cannot live without this now.”

The nifty make-up mirror has a rechargeable battery that takes four hours to charge via USB and lasts two hours while on the brightest setting. The flip section doubles as a stand and a protective cover when it’s closed.

The light is easily turned on with a touch of your hand, and there are three colour temperatures to choose from: warm, cool and daylight. It’s perfect for travelling and would work really well if you’re going off-grid or camping.


After one commenter said this seemed “dangerous”, Holly reiterated that she never does her makeup while driving. “No, I don’t mean [use the mirror] while you’re driving, I mean like when you’re doing your make-up in the car before you go to work or an event or something,” she explained.

Holly’s TikTok has been viewed over 60,000 times, with Kmart fans labelling the item as “life-changing” and “genius”.

“Thank you! Need [this]. Do my [makeup] in the dark car park every morning, often add too much blush – but just to one side haha,” one person wrote.

TikToker showing off a Kmart LED mirror (left) and Kmart LED flip makeup mirror on a white background (right)
The TikToker swears by this Kmart mirror. Photo: TikTok/@ho11turner & Kmart

“I bought this to take overseas on holiday. I hate doing my makeup standing in bathrooms ‘cause the mirror is too far,” another admitted.

“Omg [this is] actually so handy,” a third remarked. “Shut up this is amazing,” another added.


If $29 is feeling a bit out of your price range, there are a few Kmart makeup mirrors that cost between $10 and $19.

The retailer has a black LED mirror for $10 with a touch screen and you can adjust the angle, but it's not rechargable – it takes four 1.5V AA batteries.

L: Oval makeup mirror with storage from Kmart containing beauty products on a grey background. R: Heart shaped LED white makeup mirror from Kmart with beauty products on the table against a grey background
Kmart has a range of makeup mirrors. Photo: Kmart

At $19, there's a couple more options, including a white heart-shaped LED mirror and a white adjustable LED mirror with a stand. They're both re-chargable and the heart-shaped mirror even comes with the option of a pink light.

If you're looking for a mirror that also doubles as storage, the $29 egg-shaped LED storage mirror is perfect. The mirror pivots to the top, allowing you to place makeup or skincare inside. There's even a handy little drawer at the bottom for any extra accessories.

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