Kmart's $18 travel accessory sends shoppers into a spin: 'Greatest invention'

Travellers are swearing by this bargain buy, even if it looks a little awkward.

Kmart's latest bargain buy is sending jetsetters wild, with the retailer's new travel pillow being described as "one of the greatest inventions ever".

A dreaded aspect of flying is how little sleep you can get and let's be honest, you're rarely able to snag a row to yourself to spread out, especially on a long-haul flight.

But it seems Kmart has come to the rescue with their new $18 Inflatable Front Travel Pillow.

Kmart travel pillow
Shoppers are rushing to pick up Kmart's new travel pillow. Photo: Kmart

How it works

While some say it looks a little "awkward", fans say it's a travel accessory you shouldn't be without on your next overnight flight.

Travellers love it because it can be inflated (and deflated) in less than one minute, comes in a pouch for easy storage and fits in carry-on bags nice and easily.


It's designed so you can place it on your knees and lean forward to rest your head as your hands fit inside the pillow, allowing you to drift off to sleep without flopping around all over the place.

Rave reviews

Shoppers have taken to social media to share their experience with the pillow, overwhelmingly giving it the thumbs up. "I used it, my son used it, my mum used it at one stage of the flight and it's very comfortable," TikToker Lala Tuiga said.

She added, "there are some people on [Facebook] Marketplace hiring the pillow, but the Kmart one is more than enough."

Reviews on the Kmart website are also full of praise for the item. "While I did still get minimal sleep, I think that was more me rather than the pillow but can't complain, it did a very good job," one shopper wrote.

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