Woman transforms living room with Kmart styling: 'Absolutely love'

The savvy shopper has shown how she styled her living room on a budget.

If you thought styling your living room on a budget was impossible, think again. A savvy shopper has taken to a popular Facebook group for Kmart fans to showcase her stylish living room shelving transformation, and the results have social media swooning.

Posting photographs of her living room shelving unit, the woman explained her handy hubby made and installed the timber shelving himself with messmate purchased from a local timber yard. She then styled the shelves with a selection of products sourced predominantly from Kmart and other discount retailers.

Shelves styled with Kmart products
The woman styled the DIY shelving units with products she bought from Kmart and other discount retailers. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

"95% is Kmart," she told the group, "with 1 or 2 things each from Spotlight, Cheap as Chips and the Reject Shop."


Enthusiastic group members were quick to applaud the woman for her impressive styling skills that transformed budget finds into something that looks like it could grace the pages of a style magazine.

One group member gushed: "This is the nicest thing I've seen on this page," while another chimed in, "I love this so much." And the accolades just kept pouring in.

Kmart Styled Living room.
The woman shared photos of the entire space, to show how you can achieve a luxe look on a budget. Photos: Facebook/Kmart Decor & Hacks

The thrifty decorator incorporated an array of affordable items from Kmart's Home Living collection to create the look.

Among the items chosen were wood-look box frames in various sizes, tasteful coffee table books, artificial plants, ceramic vases, and an eclectic mix of decorative ornaments. The outcome is an impeccably styled living space that defies its affordable price point.

"This is simple but very stylish," one group member complimented.

"Very nice, well organised styling," agreed another.

While the focus may have been on Kmart, the Reject Shop also earned a special shoutout from the group for its home decor offerings.

"I know this is a Kmart group, but the Reject Shop is so underrated for home deco!! They have some beautiful things in there at the moment!" a group member pointed out.

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