Kmart's stylish new wavy floor mirror causes a frenzy: 'I need this now!'

The stylish wavy floor mirror is the next coveted item from the new homewares range from Kmart.

Kmart has once again hit the mark with their latest must-have home decor item; a stylish floor mirror that's causing an absolute frenzy on social media. The trendy piece is in high demand, with fans of the discount retailer's ever-evolving homewares range clamouring to get their hands on the chic $75 freestanding wavy floor mirror.

Released as part of Kmart's much-anticipated 2023 home decor collection, the mirror is just one of the many on-trend homewares products that have recently launched online and in stores. The excitement surrounding its release has reached fever pitch on social media, with countless home decor enthusiasts are eagerly adding the piece to their wish lists.

Kmart wavy mirror
One happy customer shared her styling of the new Kmart mirror to TikTok. Photo: @lizamaya_style (TikTok)

TikTok user @lizamaya_style proudly shared footage of the mirror styled in her living space, praising it as a "beautiful piece with a solid frame."

The post sparked a flurry of positive comments, with buyers impressed by the mirror's stunning design.

"Ohhh I love," one person gushed, while another lightheartedly shared plans to take a sickie to visit Kmart on the way home from work just to see if she could score the mirror for herself.


"Kmart sending me broke... I need this now!" someone humorously exclaimed, while another confessed, "just did an impulse buy because of this!"

Kmart store
The stylish new homewares from Kmart have gone viral. Photo: Getty Images

One more TikTok user praised it as a more affordable alternative to a pricier $300 option they were considering.

Described on the Kmart website as having a "sleek design," the wavy floor mirror is hailed by the retailer as "the perfect addition to any bedroom or wardrobe space."

The popular new Kmart homewares range is designed around three accessible aesthetics — timeless, natural and urban — with pieces that will look at home in any interior style, from Hamptons-chic to contemporary coastal.

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