Kmart's $15 dupe of $79.99 Stanley tumbler sends shoppers wild: 'Need this'

Savvy shoppers are snapping up the budget buy.

Kmart has done it again, with yet another budget-savvy dupe - this time of a popular Amazon item.

The retail giant has recently released a $15 version of the $79.99 Stanley tumbler, which has gained a huge following on TikTok as a must-have summer essential.

Usually available on Amazon, the Stanley drink bottle has developed quite a cult following. But now that Kmart has entered the scene with a seriously similar version for one-tenth of the price, shoppers are scrambling to get their hands on one.

Kmart Stanly dupe
Spot the difference: Kmart's version (left) and the popular Stanley Quencher (right). Picture: Kmart/Amazon

While the Stanley version is available in a huge range of colours, Kmart has released five colours: hot pink, pale blue, mint green, white and black.

The two tumblers have similar features, including a 1.8-litre capacity, double-wall stainless steel, a handle, and a reusable straw. And the feature everyone loves - they are car cup holder compatible.

While the Stanley bottle has “vacuum insulation”, which promises to keep your water ice-cold for 11 hours, the Kmart version claims to keep water cold for up to four hours.


And Kmart fans are definitely here for it, with one shopper describing them as “hot girl accessories on a budget”. Seemingly hundreds agree, with several Kmart social media pages filling up with posts and hundreds of comments from fans saying they can’t wait to get their hands on one.

“I was checking day and night to see if it had come out so I could RUN in-store or buy online, and every day said coming soon. Between last night and this morning, it says out of stock online and in all stores,” one very keen shopper wrote.

Kmart Stanly dupe
Shappers are literally snapping these Dupe drink bottled up as soon as they see them. Photo: Facebook

“I really wanted a Stanley and just knew Kmart would come out with a dupe if I waited, without the hefty price tag,” added another.

Meanwhile, shoppers were so desperate to get their hands on the tumbler that they have started emailing and calling Kmart stores to find one.

“Oh it's gonna be a blood bath trying to get my hands on one of these,” one shopper added.

Another said she’d witnessed the stock fly off shelves in a matter of hours.

The Kmart website says the tumbler has already sold out online, leaving customers wondering how they could have ‘sold out’ if they hadn’t even hit stores yet.

But it seems they are available in some places, with several lucky Kmart fans sharing they’ve been able to bag themselves the hot new item in store.

Kmart Stanly dupe
The Jumbo Tumbler now says 'sold out' online in almost every colour, leaving desperate shoppers wondering how to get their hands on one. Photo: Kmart

“AHHHHH! I was walking past the trolleys as workers were putting on the shelves, and a random Xmas one had only the pink. I’m SO happy,” one lucky shopper said.

Those who had already scored one gave the tumbler a rave review, saying it didn’t leak and the lid secures easily.

But not everyone gets the hype around the $15 Tumbler, with several saying they can’t be as good as they seem.

“They can’t be convenient like a water bottle. You can chuck those things around and have it laying on the back seat of your car. These stupid things would have to stay upright,” one person wrote among the hundreds of comments from dozens of others trying to score one.

But as usual, Kmart is the place to shop for budget-worthy dupe products.

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