Kmart $25 dupe of $1,600 designer item sends shoppers wild: 'Obsessed'

The fashion crowd online are calling this style of shoe the must-have sole for winter.

If you’re a fan of designer items but not the price tags, fear not because TikTok is here to scope out the best dupes on the market. The latest Kmart find has the internet talking, with a $25 pair of shoes looking exactly like a $1,650 designer pair.

The shoes in question are the Chunky Hardware Detail Loafers from the bargain retailer, which come in sizes 5 - 11 and are hailed as the must-have style of sole for the winter.

TikToker holding up a pair of $25 Kmart loafers

TikTok user @mishfeeney took to the social media site to gush over her find, telling her followers: “I have literally found the best loafers and they were so cheap.

“I’m going to show you. I’m not going to gatekeep because they are just too amazing.”


She went on to say they are ‘perfect’ for winter and told her followers to ‘run and get a bargain’.

Kmart chunky loafer shoes
The $25 style of shoes are said to be the must-have sole for the winter. Photo: TikTok

Fellow TikToker @alliehollystephens modelled the shoes for her 3,333 followers, saying: “Look how cute and only $25.”

She styled them with a pair of frilly socks, writing in the caption that she’s ‘obsessed’ with her find.

When one of her followers asked her if they were comfortable enough to buy for work, she responded: “Exactly why I love them! Honestly they are comfortable but I wore them and ended up having to walk heaps and got blisters so no big walks in them”.

Woman wearing Kmart loafers with frilly socks

Others said she’d convinced them to buy the shoes, with one person saying: "Consider me influenced."

Similar style shoes retail on designer sites such as Gucci and Jimmy Choo for up to $1,600.

Of course, the old saying does go ‘you get what you pay for’ and while the Kmart shoes are made with a synthetic upper, lining and outsole, the more expensive versions are leather and have a rubber sole.

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