Kmart shoppers whipped into a frenzy over $20 designer dupe tote bag

You can get the the Marc Jacobs look for less with Kmart's latest bag drop.

Kmart's dupe spree continues, with the latest luxe-for-less look a to-die-for canvas tote bag that bears a striking resemblance to a recent Marc Jacobs design.

Yes, you read that correctly, Marc Jacobs, but at a fraction of the price!

Kmart's $20 Maya Tote and Marc Jacobs Barbados tote
Kmart's $20 Maya Tote looks very similar to Marc Jacobs Barbados tote which retails for 109.95. Photo: TikTok

Kmart's brand-new 'Maya' summer tote is already making waves, and TikTokers can't contain their excitement, dropping everything and making a beeline for their local Kmart, with the bags just hitting stores this week.


The coveted 'Maya' tote boasts a magnetic closure, dual handles (including short carry handles), an adjustable cross-body strap, and a handy small coin purse attached. Plus, it's available in two classy colours: natural and black, and is steal at just $20.

What's more, there's the added bonus that this tote bears a striking resemblance to recent releases from both Marc Jacobs and Chloe. Basically, if the Chloe and Marc Jacobs totes had a baby, it would probably be called Maya.

 Chloe's $1,413 Woody Tote
Social media has also compared the Kmart tote to Chloe's $1,413 Woody Tote. Photo: Chloe

When content creator @jemmaexplores introduced this bag on her feed, she captioned it as the "latest Kmart designer dupe" and dubbed it the "perfect bag for summer."

The comments section erupted with eager shoppers who liked what they saw.

"Saw this and ran to Kmart! Got one!" one person replied, with another adding "Kmart is slaying lately!"

"I'M INFLUENCED" admitted a third.

"At only $20 this thing will sell fast," Jemma told her followers.

Many pointed out that it's ideal for use as a nappy bag, thanks to its generous size, while others saw it as the perfect companion for work, uni or the gym. Jemma even confirmed that it's roomy enough to accommodate her 13-inch MacBook.

Kmart tote bag a Celine and Chloe dupe
The bag has gold hardware, tan detailing and a clip-on purse. Photos: TikTok/@jemmaexplores

Before you rush out the door however, tracking one down might pose a challenge, as several commenters have reported that they're already sold out online and scarce in many stores.

Additionally, a few detractors did chime in with one person saying hers broke immediately after she purchased it, and another saying it didn't hold up.

"It does't have any structure to it unless it's full, but I love it for the price," concluded Jemma.

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