Bride's $20 Kmart wedding cake hack stuns: 'So clever!'

A bride has stunned the Internet today with a very clever wedding hack using nothing but a $20 Kmart item and some imagination.

Jane Norris tells Yahoo Lifestyle she has “always been on the creative side”, so it was no surprise that the newlywed was struck by inspiration when she spotted a simple $20 Kmart nursery clothes rack, that to many would have simply been a practical addition to a baby’s room.

What to many was a simple, no-frills nursery stand was to Jane a DIY masterpiece waiting to happen. Photo: Supplied
What to many was a simple, no-frills nursery stand was to Jane a DIY masterpiece waiting to happen. Photo: Supplied

Kmart nursery stand $20 turns into DIY cake stand

A former wedding stylist, Jane saw the potential of the item straight away, and decided to use it to create a gorgeous stand to show off her wedding cake.

Placing the stylish gateau in the centre of the stand, Jane surrounded it with tealights placed within the rack’s rectangular frame.

A floral detail on one side of the frame instantly transformed the cake from basic wedding fare to a stylish feature.

Wedding cake centrepiece stand hack $20 Kmart nursery stand DIY transformation
The wedding cake centrepiece using the $20 Kmart buy left online users stunned. Photo: Supplied


With wedding items notorious for being marked up, Jane saved herself some serious dosh with the simple trick.

A wedding cake arch or stand online can retail for anything from $60 to over $200, making Jane’s $20 option one that is already piquing many a future bride’s interest.

‘Clever’ hack goes viral on Facebook DIY page

The fabulous photos were too cute not to share, and Jane popped them into a Facebook group specialising in Kmart DIYs, where it created something of a stir.

Over 1000 fellow DIY-enthusiasts liked the post, and hundreds left admiring comments.

“This is just beautiful,” one woman wrote. “What a fabulous idea.”

“That is so clever!” another fan of the wedding item gushed. “Love it!”

“Omg I love this,” another person agreed.

Kmart launches homewares masterclass

The latest clever buy from Kmart comes as the budget retailer gears up for its very first series of masterclasses this week, available for free online for any fan of the store.

A homeware-specific program, the August Living Masterclass is designed to give shoppers the inside tips and tricks to perfectly style the fashionable items set to hit shelves.

Scheduled to run on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 July, the class will show off the latest living range which includes living, dining, cooking and storage, you can sign up here.

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