The $10 Kmart towels beating $60 luxury options

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A $10 Kmart bath towel has sparked some serious conversation online, after a fan claimed her wash test revealed they were better than $60 luxury towels.

Kmart’s Anko Australian Cotton Bath Towels retail for between $10 and $13, depending on whether you’re after a towel, or the larger ‘bath sheet’ option.

A slightly pricier alternative to their cheap $6 Malmo bath towels, the fluffy towels proved an absolute hit for Kmart enthusiast Cindy Lee Hang, who was convinced the towels were far better than the $59 high-end versions she had previously purchased.

Kmarts stuns $10 towel beating $60 luxury versions
Kmart has wowed shoppers with a $10 towel they say is better than $6- luxury buys. Photo: Getty Images

Cindy picked up the $10 towel from her local Kmart after she noticed they felt ‘beautiful’ and cost a fraction more than the retailer’s standard $6 towel.

After testing them with a wash at home, she was blown away to discover that not only were the towels miles better than the $6 versions, but they were far better than the luxury towels she had been purchasing for years.

Taking to a Facebook group to share the discovery, she sparked a wave of interest among hundreds of similarly-minded budget hunters, many of whom were quick to second her claims that Kmart’s towels might be some of the best on the market.

Kmart Australian Cotton Bath Towe before and after washing
Kmart shopper Cindy put the $13 bath towel to the wash test and was gobsmacked by the results. Photo: Supplied

Sharing striking snaps comparing the Kmart towel after a wash to the expensive towel after a wash, Cindy revealed her finding to the Kmart lovers, leaving hundreds of them stunned.

“I actually feel that the $10 Kmart towel is as good if not better than my expensive ... towels as you can see by [the] ‘before washed’ [photo] and the ‘after washed’ [photo],” she wrote, adding she fully recommends others give the towels a red hot go.

“I personally think with some products we actually pay for the name and you can get the same quality if not better without a brand name on it,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle, after her photo post went viral.

Dozens agree Kmart towels ‘as good’ as luxury brands

Kmart budget towel compared to $60 version
Cindy says the Kmart buys hold up when compared to her $60 towels. Photo: Supplied/ Cindy

Plenty of others agreed, revealing they were opting for the towels over plenty of high-end brands.

“I have these and love them,” one person wrote. “The bath sheet ones are great.”

“Agree,” another wrote. “I love the Australian cotton ones [they] wash great.”

“I have replaced all my towels with Kmart towels and I agree,” a third revealed.

“I had Sheridan, Canningvale and David Jones towels and the Kmart ones are just as good.”

One woman even revealed she used the towels in a luxury Airbnb, attesting to their longevity when she wrote: “After 8 months they are still super fluffy and luxurious.”


Some did have reservations, however, writing they found the towels shed fluff after too many washes.

“Not great if you have to use a dryer though,” one woman wrote. “They lose a LOT of fluff.”

“Kmart towels leave fluff all over me no matter how long I’ve had them,” another agreed. “They’re a hard pass for me.”

Others also pointed to Target’s $15 Egyptian cotton towel as another great budget alternative.

“I buy the Egyptian ones from Target now,” one person helpfully shared. “They're amazing.”

It’s certainly not the first time Kmart has impressed shoppers with a budget item that rivals high-end versions.

Their $20 hair straightener made waves earlier this year when reviews from shoppers suggested it was better value than $200 options online.

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