$20 Kmart buy hailed as 'amazing' dupe of $200 item

A $20 Kmart hair buy has sparked a flurry online after it was hailed as an ‘amazing’ alternative to high-end products on the market.

The Anko LCD Hair Straightener retails for $20 at the budget store, and according to a now-viral Facebook post is a great budget answer to high-end hair straighteners that can cost between $100 and $600.

Woman holds Anko LCD Hair Straightener after praising it as 'amazing' budget dupe of high-end products
The $20 Anko LCD Hair Straightener is a huge hit with budget hunters online. Photo: Supplied/ Lilly Eggins

NSW mum Lilly Eggins kicked off the discussion when she shared a snap of the item along with her impeccable straightened hair to a hack and decor page on Facebook, in a bid to spread the word about the ‘amazing’ find.

“Not a hack but if anyone is thinking of buying the $20 hair straightener from Kmart, DO IT!” she wrote alongside the photos. “It’s amazing!!”

Sharing a snap of the gorgeous results on her long blonde hair, Lilly had plenty of people interested in the product, with hundreds flocking to the comments and even more ‘liking’ the photos.

‘I love it’: Reviews for $20 Kmart straightener

Lilly Eggins with straight hair after using $20Kmart Anko hair straightener dupe of expensive GHD Dyson products
Lilly Eggins' gorgeous hair results were thanks to the $20 Kmart buy. Photo: Supplied/ Lilly Eggins

Though many might be hesitant about trusting a $20 product with daily hair care, it seems many buyers have nothing but praise for the product, reporting they have gotten years of brilliant use out of the straightener.

“I’ve had it for years,” one consumer reported. “I love it and I have really curly/frizzy hair.”

“I've had mine almost a year, love them I also share them with my [three] daughters,” another also reported.

Others revealed it was actually ‘the best’ they had yet to find, including more expensive models.

“I got one and it [is probably] the best one I use so far!” one woman shared. “Had mine for 8 months.”

“It’s the best straighteners I’ve ever had,” another put it quite simply.

Others said at the price point, it was unbeatable.

“For the price, I highly recommend this hair straightener to anyone who's thinking about buying it, this straightener works wonders!” one woman wrote.

“I’ve had my $20 Kmart hair straightener for around 15 years. I reckon money well invested,” another agreed.

It wasn’t all positive reviews however, some did report their experience with the cheap item was far from satisfactory.

“I didn’t think so,” one reported. “It dried my hair out and made it frizzy not straight”

Why the straightener might not last as long or as well

Attractive Woman with Curly Hair and Long Straight Hair Using Hair Straightener as Kmart $20 budget buy sparks debate
A ceramic 'coated' straightener will not work as well as full ceramic plates, argued one p[rofessional. Photo: Getty Images

One hairdresser warned that while the straightener might work great at first, in her experience once the ceramic coating wears down the straightener can start to do damage to hair, leaving it burnt and frizzy.

While more expensive brands use full ceramic plates, the Kmart version advertised a ‘ceramic coated’ plate.

Though the distinction lowers the price point significantly, as the professional pointed out it makes the product less ideal to use long-term on your hair if you’re a regular straightener.

“These are great for SHORT term usage!” she wrote. “BUT these are ceramic coated not ceramic plated which makes a huge difference!! Once the coating wears off its direct heat on your hair which essentially starts to burn your hair!”

At least one customer could back up the professionals warning, writing: “Does the job but damaged my hair a lot.”

With other delighted with the purchase, it seems that the buy has shoppers somewhat divided, but all agree that for a budget short-term option, the Kmart buy is hard to beat.

The Kmart budget beauty buys making a splash

It’s one of many of the retailer’s hair products that have caused a serious splash online in recent times.

A $19 straightening hairbrush from the same in-store brand also got rave reviews, in particular from one mum who took the time to share jaw-dropping before and after snaps.

Beyond the hair care world, Kmart has also been praised for its beauty products, not least for one $4 item that many women reported ‘saved’ them from the manicure perils of the forced shutdown of beauticians during the pandemic lockdown.

Meanwhile, they are also keeping your other products nice and clean with one $7 buy hailed a ‘game-changer’ for maintaining makeup brushes, and transforming dirty bristles in minutes.

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