Kmart's 'gorgeous' $12 dupe of $60 homeware set to fly off shelves

A $12 Kmart Woven Plant Hanger is generating serious buzz online among plant lovers as it’s hailed a ‘gorgeous’ alternative to expensive plant decor being sold online.

The $12 plant hanger features a basket for your plant babies, with an attractive circular detailing giving the ensemble a decorative flair, perfect for hanging around the home.

A couple of eagle-eyed Kmart fans spotted the hanger in-store this week where it has only just hit shelves, and photos shared online have sparked an instant obsession with the budget decoration.

(left) close image of 'gorgeous' $12 Kmart Woven Plant Hanger selling out in Kmart store. (Right) same woven plant hanger from further away held up with $7 Kmart beads.
This $12 wicker-style plant hanger, styled by Aussie mum Kim, is going nuts online. Photo: Supplied/ Kim Metcalf

The item is fresh as they come, not even available online just yet, but cropping up slowly and selling out fast in select stores.

Aussie mum Kim Metcalf paired the basket hanger with a $7 pair of white beads from the retailer, spending a grand total of $19 for the finished product.

Her snaps shared to Facebook group Kmart Hacks and Decor were an instant hit, with dozens of fans wondering where and how they could get their hands on the thrifty piece.

“That is so cool,” one woman wrote.

“It’s gorgeous,” another agreed.

“Crossing my fingers they make it into my local,” one fan of the basket wrote.

Kim wasn’t the only one to spot the nifty item, mum Emma Cullen, who goes my mummy_owl on Instagram, also sparked something of a frenzy with her snaps of the knock-out item.

Image of $12 woven plant hanger and $7.50 woven look pot from Kmart in front of oil rack
A 'gorgeous' $12 woven plant hanger is going nuts online. Photo: Instagram/ mummy_owl

One woman shared she ‘wasn’t going to sleep’ that night, being so excited by the stunning photo of the woven hanger.

“Omg this round planter I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight,” she wrote.

“Oh my stars, that’s brilliant,’ another agreed.

With similar items retailing for up to $75 online before delivery fees, the $12 version is sure to be a sell-out among plant lovers as soon as it hits the online catalogue this season.

What other plant-tastic Kmart items are on offer?

The circular hanger is part of a wider range of chic rattan and wicker-style pots and plant decorations offered by the budget retailer, some of which are already available online.

Items like the Hanging Fern Basket for $12, the Woven Hanging Planter for $7.50 or the Woven Look Pot also $7.50 are similar items on offer that can be picked up online while you wait to get your hands on the Woven Plant Hanger.

The budget retailer is selling the Woven Look Pot for $7.50 in the same range. Photo: Kmart
The budget retailer is selling the Woven Look Pot for $7.50 in the same range. Photo: Kmart

The Woven Plant Hanger is one of many Kmart items being dubbed ‘must-haves’ this winter, with a $28 polka-dot dress being hailed a wardrobe staple for fashionistas on a budget this weekend.

Last week, we also reported that people can’t get enough of another buy, this one Kmart’s new stylish long-sleeved knitted dresses.

The first dress is a $28 long-sleeve tie waist dress, which comes in both camel and black.

The next dress is a $25 long-sleeve crew neck dress, which comes in oatmeal and red.

Looks like a mid-week trip to Kmart is on the cards for anyone in the mood for a bargain.

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