Kmart $29 bedtime item people are loving: 'Soooo bloody good'

Silk pillowcases are a go-to luxury item that many women swear by to protect their face and hair while they sleep.

Silk is said to prevent wrinkles and sleep creases, as well as protecting hair against friction and moisture loss with its smooth surface.

Woman sleeping on a silk pillowcase
Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is supposed to have a heap of benefits. Photo: Getty Images

"We get 'crush wrinkles' from sleeping on our side/face, so we may get less of those when sleeping on silk," dermatologist Dr Neal Schultz told Good Housekeeping.


It's no wonder then that silk pillowcases are a popular gift item this Christmas but at around $100 per pillowcase they can be out of some people's budget.

So when TikToker Tashya Koelmeyer noticed that discount department store Kmart was selling silk pillowcases for just $29 each, she had to share it with her followers.

Kmart's silk pillowcases
Kmart has 100% silk pillowcases for $29 each with two styles to choose from. Photo: Kmart

"I found these silk pillowcases for only $29 – they look so luxe," Tashya says in her video. "This would be a great Christmas idea," she adds.

And her followers were quick to agree.

"Girl I'm meant to be saving money, ahhh," Emily wrote. "Pure silk and so cool to sleep on... I love mine so much," another Tiktoker said.

Silk pillowcases from Kmart
A TikToker has shared her experience with the silk pillowcases online. Photo: Tiktok/@tashyakoelmeyer

While many who commented doubted whether it could be real silk or thought it was a silk polyester blend, Tashya was quick to point out that the product was 100% silk.

Kmart initially launched these last year in grey, then in pink and white. The pillowcases come in two colours for Christmas – plain white, and one that has a beautiful botanical print one side and plain white silk on the other.

And fans were just as vocal on Facebook, taking to various Kmart groups to reveal how much they liked them.

"I love silk pillowcases and was excited to find this at Kmart today," a poster on one of the groups wrote. "They are new in and found in the Christmas gift idea section $29 each."

"Yesss Kmart you’ve done it again," a fan replied. "Soooo bloody good!!! Exactly the same as my silk case from Adairs," another added.

Let's just hope that stores still have some stock left to buy before Christmas!

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