Kmart mum converts $95 vacuum into 'baby vac': 'Christmas gift sorted'

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Young child vacuuming the kitchen floor. Photo: Getty Images.
A mum has shared the Kmart vacuum that her son loves to use. Photo: Getty Images.

An Aussie mum has sung the praises of a Kmart vacuum cleaner that can be converted down into a kids-sized model similar to the wildly popular 'baby' Dyson.

She took to Facebook to tell her fellow Kmart fans about the discount retailer's Cordless Stick Cleaner which her young son loves to get his hands on.

"Why buy a toy vacuum when the Kmart stick vac can convert to baby size?" she wrote.

The mum shared a sweet video of her boy giving the living room floor a good clean with the $95 item.


Kmart Cordless Stick Cleaner - Black, $95. Photo: Kmart.
Kmart's Cordless Stick Cleaner costs $95. Photo: Kmart.

She had removed the extension tubes and floor head then attached the brush tool to make it easier to handle for her little one.

"It has three parts that easily click in to change height, and a low and a high power setting," she added.

The mum also gave the Cordless Stick Cleaner a positive review, saying that although it's not up to the Dyson high standard, it's a 'brilliant' affordable option.

"It's brilliant! Not quite a Dyson but close, and a fraction of the price," she wrote.

Fellow Kmart enthusiasts jumped into the comments section to share their thoughts on the budget buy.

Kmart Cordless Stick Cleaner - Black. Photo: Kmart.
The mum removed the extension tubes and floor head then attached the brush tool to make it easier to handle for her little one. Photo: Kmart.

"We have this too & the kids (4 & 6) actually do vacuum their rooms & enjoy it. It does a decent job, not perfect but good for a quick clean up," one wrote.

"Love it. Nothing wrong starting them young when is age appropriate tasks," added another.

One Facebook user asked the group how heavy the Kmart vacuum was and how easy it was for youngsters to use.

"Can I ask you all how the kids go holding it? Is it very heavy or ok?" they asked.

"Our kids find it perfect. It's not heavy at all," responded a helpful user.

"Thank you for that. I think I have a Christmas gift sorted," replied the question-asker.

Others weren't sold on the Cordless Stick Cleaner's efficacy with one writing, "Don't waste your money".

It's worth noting that the Kmart website warns vacuum users to, "Keep away from babies and children," and "Follow usage instructions carefully."

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iRobot cleaned up the category with five stars. Source: Canstar Blue

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German quality brand, Bosch also received five stars in overall satisfaction, quietness and value for money. Bosch scored four stars for ease of emptying, use, storage and effectiveness.

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Bosch Athlet Cordless Handstick Vacuum. Source: Canstar Blue
Bosch ties for first place when rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s latest customer satisfaction ratings. Source: Canstar Blue

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Electrolux Pure Q9 Animal Stick Vacuum - $399

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Electrolux Pure Q9 Animal Stick Vacuum. Source: Canstar Blue
Electrolux Pure Q9 Animal Stick Vacuum won the stick vacuum competition. Source: Canstar Blue

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