Kmart advent calendar hack praised: 'This is genius'

The countdown is on to be Christmas ready and if you're not done by the end of November you seriously risk missing out on the best presents and decor around.

However, having a few handy hacks up your sleeve - especially from everyone's favourite store Kmart - isn't a bad idea for when things don't go to plan. Whether your favourite item is sold out, you're dealing with someone fussy, or you just like to do something a little different, these hacks can be inspiration to create unique gifts and Christmas traditions.

A cute personalised advent calendar for your furry friend. Photo: tiktok/@djclariti
A cute personalised advent calendar for your furry friend. Photo: tiktok/@djclariti

One thing you will need to have thought about before December rolls around is your advent calendar so that everyone has a door to open or drawer to pull on December 1st.

There are so many different types of advent calendars these days from traditional chocolate and sweets to beauty, toy and even wine and gin calendars.


And if you're particularly creative, you can mix and match to create your own very personalised advent calendar for those special people in your life.

But what about your furry friends? Well, they don't need to miss out either with this cheap and cheerful hack from, of all people, an urban club and festival disc jockey, DJ Clariti!

In a break from posting music mixes, her latest TikTok video is for her dachshund pup. She hacks the $10 Kmart Candy Advent Calendar swapping out the lollies for doggy treats.

DJ Clariti with her beloved dachshund.
DJ Clariti with her beloved dachshund. Photo: Instagram/@djclariti

"That's a genius idea," one person commented. And her followers were quick to point out that the hack could be used for other pets too.

"OMG genius...I'd do this with @rumi.the.ringneck but I feel like it would be three days in and that cardboard would be destroyed!" another replied about using it for her pet parrot.

But what if you're too lazy to do it yourself or worry about who will eat all the lollies (you, you will eat all the lollies!)? Then pop in to Big W for one of their pre-made doggy advent calendars.

For just $25 your pup will be over the moon at receiving a daily treat from you.

Big W pet advent calendar.
Big W have their own pet advent calendar. Photo: Big W

However, post-Christmas they may be waiting patiently where the calendar used to be in the hope you'll continue the tradition.

The only sad news is that there isn't one for cats, bunnies or guinea pigs so you may need this hack after all!

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