Kmart shopper's smart trick for scoring $179 worth of clothing for just $17

Having kids is not cheap and with a new season upon us, the struggle of Covid and Christmas fast approaching, any discount on something that you want can be a huge help.

Mum of four, Megan, was understandably thrilled when a trip to Kmart for an outfit for her eldest child ended up in an impressive haul of new season clothes for all of her children.

A woman has shared her amazing Kmart haul. Photo: AAP

"$179 worth of clothing for only $17! 17 pieces of clothing. Having three daughters (7,5,4) and a 2 year old boy this is an awesome find! Thanks Kmart North Lakes," Megan wrote on her post in Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group.

Fellow bargain hunters were impressed... and disappointed they hadn't been so fortunate.

"I was here bargains left when I looked," one fan wrote.

"Damn, good haul! I was a day or so too early there by the looks of it," another added.

"Good for you. My Kmart has markdowns but they’re around $6/$8 not a bargain for me," a third commented.


But the bargains were just as much a surprise to Megan as they were to other followers of the markdown group.

Kid's clothes from Kmart on sale
Megan picked up all these clothes for $1 each at Kmart. Photo: Supplied

"I was looking for clothes for my oldest daughter and happened upon these little bargains!" Megan told Yahoo Lifestyle. "I have three daughters and a little boy so any bargains are a win!"

The Brisbane mum to Mackenzie, Hayden, Spencer and Ashton also shared her advice on how to find discounted products when shopping at Kmart.

"I think it’s about looking in the aisles, they are tucked away," Megan tells us. "Always look at the labels as the sign said $6 for all of these clothes. But when I read the tag it was $1!"

"Sometimes the right place, at the right time," Megan added.

Megan also revealed that when looking for clothes, particularly for her three girls, she doesn't necessarily go in with an idea of what she wants but more knowing the style she likes on them.

"I like to dress them as little girls, covered, cute and not anything beyond their years," she reveals. "I want them to stay little as long as possible and not dress them beyond their age."

For many people in 2021, finding quality items at a good price is important and sharing those ideas with fellow bargain hunters on social media is becoming increasingly popular.

"Having four children and being a one-income family finding great deals and bargains helps, especially markdowns on groceries," Megan reveals.

"That’s why I joined the page was to help at the grocery shops, to keep up to date with items on sale and connect with other like-minded people looking for a great deal – without the greed."

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