Kmart shoppers go wild for $12 dupe of $250 item: 'Literally identical'

The retail giant has released a line of new perfumes.

Kmart’s latest perfume offerings have sent shoppers into a frenzy, with 'dupes' of designer scents from the likes of Vera Wang, Ariana Grande, Marc Jacobs and Gucci hitting shelves. The 50ml bottles have been released under Kmart’s brand OXX and each perfume retails for just $12.

Considering that Gucci’s Bloom costs $250 for 100ml on their website, and $160 per 75ml bottle of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Ever So Fresh, Kmart’s latest items are a complete steal. Sydney TikToker Shirley shared a video of the affordable perfumes which racked up over 750,000 views.

L: Kmart shop. R: Kmart perfumes on the shelf
Kmart's newest perfumes have been flying off the shelves. Photo: Facebook & TikTok/shirley_zzz

Kmart has multiple fragrances available, with the TikToker highlighting which ones were ‘dupes’. Instead of Ariana Grande’s Cloud, Vera Wang Princess, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Ever So Fresh and Gucci Bloom, the retailer has In The Clouds, Royalty, Meadow and Spring Blush.


Many flooded the comment section with their surprise, with one saying they were “running to Kmart” to get their hands on the items.

“Kmart dupes are getting outta hand,” another exclaimed.

“Kmart really coming out with every dupe lol, I’m here for it,” a third commented.

“They look similar, but what do they smell like?” another asked.

L: Kmart's Spring Blush perfume. R: Gucci's bloom perfume
Kmart's latest 'dupes' look very similar to their designer counterparts. Photo: Kmart & Gucci
L: Kmart's In The Clouds gift set at the shop. R: Ariana's Cloud perfume
Kmart has a cloud themed scent, with shoppers raving about how similar the scent is to Ariana Grande's perfume. Photo: TikTok/shirley_zzz & Ulta Beauty

Another TikToker, Tijana, shared in the comments that she had managed to try out the perfumes at her local Kmart. She rated each one out of 10 for how similar they smelt to their designer counterpart.

“Dupe for Vera Wang Princess, very soft tones, I can kind of spell the similarity to Vera Wang, 6/10,” she began. “Ariana Grande Cloud dupe, smells almost like it. Still sitting on my skin an hour later. 8/10.

“Marc Jacobs Daisy dupe, super strong, floral, long-lasting, smells almost the same, 7/10,” she said.

Two TikTok screenshots of an influencer trying out Kmart perfumes
Shoppers have been flocking to Kmart to try out the dupes for themselves. Photo: TikTok/tijanarobinson7

Tijana rated the Gucci dupe as the most accurate, giving it a score of 9/10. “Gucci Bloom dupe, smells similar to it, strongest out of all,” she added.

For those wanting a little extra, shoppers can purchase an In The Clouds or Meadow gift set that comes with scented hand cream, at a very reasonable $16.

Other shoppers also shared their thoughts on social media, with many saying they loved the In The Clouds fragrance.

“Yes I work [at Kmart] and honestly the Cloud one is the best one, [it is] exactly like the Ariana Grande Cloud and tbh it lasts long,” a Kmart worker wrote.

“The Cloud one smells the exact same!!! I bought the set and the body mist,” another added.

“The In The Clouds one smells literally identical it’s just not as strong obviously! But for the price it’s a really nice scent,” a third chimed in.

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