Kmart shoppers in a frenzy over $49 kids' item: 'Need this'

Say goodbye to making cubbies with sheets and pegs in the living room...

Kmart fans are buzzing with excitement over the budget retailer's newest addition to its play equipment collection—an Indoor Wooden Play Tent for kids priced at a pocket-friendly $49.

A Facebook post by Kmart featuring a customer's snapshot of the play tent in a child's bedroom ignited a whirlwind of enthusiasm, with eager shoppers flooding the comment section in hopes of snagging the item.

Description Kmart: Photo: Facebook/Kmart
"Get ready for the slumber party" Kmart shared a customer's snapshot of the play tent set up in their child's bedroom: Photo: Facebook/elle.alisha_p

The "easy-to-assemble" wooden play tent, pictured adorned with fairy lights and being enjoyed by a child, was an instant hit with social media users, many of whom joked that the kids could step aside, they wanted to claim the item for themselves.


"I need this for me," one Kmart fan playfully laughed as another chimed in with a clever idea, "If I buy two, I can make a grown-up tent."

The excitement continued as many shoppers chimed in with praise for the tent's "gorgeous" aesthetic, with one shopper enthusiastically squealing, "Omg vibe!!"

A string of further comments inundated the thread with Kmart fans tagging others who might be eager to get their hands on the coveted kids' tent.

"For $49 you can't go wrong!" One person said.

Kmart Wooden kids tent
The $49 Kmart kids' buy swiftly gained traction on social media, generating a flurry of comments from enthusiastic buyers. Photo: Kmart

Many social media users also viewed the play tent as an easy substitute for the laborious task of setting up cubbies and forts using sheets, while others saw it as a potential upgrade from flimsy teepees that easily fall apart.

"This would save Dad having to make a cubby each time" one person wrote, while another engaged a friend by asking, "wonder if this would stay together any better than ours."

Social media users also found other creative uses for the tent, with one suggesting it could be added to a classroom's mindfulness or relaxation area.

On the other hand

The product reviews on the Kmart website, however, paint a less-than-glowing picture, as one verified buyer rated the item a mere 2 out of 5 stars, writing, "This was really disappointing; the cover doesn't fit on the structure and is made from a very cheap feeling and looking fabric." The review also highlighted mediocre scores for both value and quality.

Another reviewer shared a similar sentiment, describing the product as "Okay" and awarding it just three out of five stars.

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