Aussie woman wows with cube shelves hack: 'OMG how?'

This clever furniture transformation is blowing minds.

A DIY fan is being praised for totally transforming an eight-cube shelving unit into a gorgeous piece of custom furniture.

The woman shared how she took the cheap unit and turned it into a "functional chest of drawers". Although she wasn't sure how it would turn out, she was more than happy with the luxe-looking finished product.

Storage cube hack
The woman took this old shelving unit and turned it into something amazing! Source: Facebook

Her pictures showed a beautifully crafted unit with four large drawers, complete with skirting to make it look like a built-in unit, with large brass handles. She revealed the entire project cost her around $200.

The woman's hack attracted a lot of attention with fellow DIY enthusiasts stunned by the chest of drawers. "Brilliant! And no landfill!" one Facebook user commented. "Oh my goodness, how?! You've done an incredible job, it looks beautiful," another added. "Wow. Love, love, love. Best hack I've seen for this," responded a third.

Storage cube hack
The four-drawer cupboard has two cubes per drawer covered by a custom built panel. Source: Facebook

'Is this real?'

But not everyone was convinced the finished product was made from the cube shelves, with some suggesting it was fake and questioning how she was able to make such a dramatic change. "Going to need to see more details of the drawers. I have my doubts," someone commented.


Stunning transformation

The woman put any doubts to rest by revealing the steps she followed to achieve the transformation, revealing she watched a lot of YouTube and TikTok videos to get it right.

Storage cube hack
Despite some doubting it was the same piece of furniture, the DIY expert demonstrated exactly how she made it. Source: Facebook

"First I made eight drawer boxes to fit into each cube, I installed drawer slides to each drawer," she explained. "The drawer fronts I wanted to be slightly larger so that you would only see the old cube when the drawers are open. I made one drawer per two cubes."

"Once I figured all those measurements out, I then built up the cabinet 140mm so I could run my existing skirting around it to look like a built-in."

Storage cube hack
Her pictures showed how she worked around the existing unit to give it a super luxe glow-up. Source: Facebook.

She added that she finished off the piece by covering all of the sides with medium density fibreboard (MDF) to give it a seamless, polished look. "I framed the whole lot with 6mm MDF board. Did some fancy little X with some leftover trim, then I made the drawer fronts out of MDF," she said.

With the steps confirmed, more people congratulated the woman on a job well done. "This is amazing and clearly lots of time and effort went into it! You should be really proud," one person wrote.

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