Kmart shoppers seriously impressed with $40 dupe of $5600 designer item: 'Lovely quality!'

The jacket is flying off the shelves.

Kmart shoppers are loving this designer dupe. Credit: TikTok/luxeandlemonade
Kmart shoppers are loving this designer dupe. Credit: TikTok/luxeandlemonade

Kmart has long been popular with Aussies trying to find a bargain during the cost of living crisis, but their latest dupe has sparked a frenzy due to just how much it can save shoppers. In what seems like the deal of a lifetime: a dupe of a Celine jacket that retails for $5600 is available at the budget retailer for just a fraction of the price at $40.

TikToker Dani, who posts as @luxeandlemonade, shared a comparison between the Celine Chasseur Jacket in bouclé tweed black and a very similar item now available at the budget retailer. Dani praised the detailing on the Kmart version, saying "It's giving old money vibes."

The original designer piece has three gold buttons down the middle, a rounded neckline and four matching gold buttons on each sleeve.

Kmart's dupe looks very similar to Celine's version. Photo: Kmart & Celine
Kmart's dupe (left) looks very similar to Celine's version (right). Photo: Kmart & Celine

Not convinced? The very chic Meghan Markle once wore a black boucle jacket on an outing, paired with a white t-shirt, jeans and flats. She accessorised with a small handbag and a pair of aviator sunglasses.


Kmart’s Boucle Jacket isn’t identical, but it has a similar crew neck cut and three gold buttons down the front. There are also two extra gold buttons on the front pockets. At this stage, it’s only available in black.

Meghan Markle wearing the original Celine jacket.
Meghan Markle has been spotted out and about in the Celine jacket. Photos: Getty

“While Chanel may have pioneered the boucle jacket, Kmart’s $40 version allows all of us to enjoy timeless style. It’s the most perfect dupe of Celine’s Chasseur Jacket that retails for $5600,” the shopper wrote on Instagram.

“Can’t go wrong with a classic piece like this… it will instantly elevate your jeans and white tee look with a touch of luxury.”

Kmart fans went wild for the dupe, with many flooding the comment section with excitement.

“Running not walking to get this NOW,” one person wrote.

“Beautiful, I hope they add some more colours!” another said.

“Here’s hoping I get my hands on one tonight,” a third posted.

A model wears the Kmart jacket (left) and from behind (right).
Kmart's version is super stylish and chic. Photo: Kmart

“Omg so buying,” another wrote.

If you had any qualms about the quality, one shopper claims it’s worth the $40.

“It’s lovely quality! I tried [it] on today at the Gungahlin, ACT store,” she wrote.

“I’ve heard good things about this one so far,” the original shopper agreed.

Some shoppers sadly noted their Kmart was all sold out of this brand-new item, so one helpful tip is to check your local op shop for similar jackets.

Otherwise, plenty of other retailers have their own version. However, none of them are as cheap as Kmart.

Target has a black Lily Loves Button Front Boucle Jacket, with two breast pockets and gold buttons for $60. It’s currently on sale for $42, making it nearly as affordable as Kmart’s version.

Target (left) and Forever New (right) also sell versions of the jacket.
Target and Forever New have their own versions of the jacket. Photo: Target & Forever New

Forecast sells a black Zahra Boucle Yarn Jacket for $139.99, and it has five gold buttons running down the front.


Forever New sells a black Bailee Crop Bouclé Jacket, currently on sale for $149.95, or a Linda Boucle Jacket in white for $159.99.

The Kmart piece is relatively new to stores, so if you’re unable to track one down, there could be more stock on the way.

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