Kmart shoppers notice glaring error with $55 item: 'Significant problem'

The children's toy looked normal at first glance.

A shopper has spotted a strange detail while perusing the aisles of budget retailer Kmart. She was walking through the toy section when she came across what looked like a completely normal toy horse set.

The Totally YOU Equestrian Horse Pack features an ‘elegant horse’ named Daisy, coming with a long blonde mane and a pink, brown and blue saddle. However, there was one big problem with the $55 toy.

L: Kmart store. R: Kmart horse toy
A shopper was stunned after spotting this horse toy at Kmart. Photo: Facebook

The shopper shared a snap of the horse on a popular Facebook Kmart group with a cryptic caption, saying: “If you’re into horses, you’ll find this funny. Even the picture on the box is the same lol.”

She is referring to the fact that the saddle is facing the wrong way, so the rider would need to be sitting with their back to the reins.


Several Kmart fans were amused by the reveal, with many saying they couldn’t believe the retailer had made such a huge mistake.

“I am not even into horses and I can see [a] significant problem here,” one person wrote.

“You had one job Kmart,” another declared.

“I know nothing about horses but I could tell straight away the saddle is backwards. Who is approving this stuff lol,” a third remarked.

Kmart horse toy with a rider on top
The saddle isn't facing the correct direction. Photo: Kmart


Fellow horse riders were also in stitches, with one saying the illustration on the box was “almost funnier” than the toy.

“I hope you don’t mind but I’ve just borrowed your photo to share with my very horsey family who aren’t in this group. They’ll be in hysterics. I sure was!!” another commented.

“I was crying with laughter in the aisle when I saw it,” a third admitted.

“Someone has never put a saddle [on] before. I was doing this at five and knew the right way,” another said.

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