Kmart fans baffled by strange detail in $45 product: 'Horrific'

The budget retailer's new product looks like a common kitchen item.

One of Kmart’s newest products has made shoppers do a double take. The budget retailer has released a $45 aroma diffuser with fake flames coming out of a black casing.

When a shopper saw the product being advertised on social media, she instantly shared a screenshot in a popular Kmart Facebook group. In the shot, the diffuser looks scarily similar to a common kitchen appliance.

L: Kmart store. R: Kmart diffuser that looks like flames coming out of a toaster
Kmart has stunned fans with a strange new product. Photo: Kmart & Facebook (Kmart & Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor)

“I had to share because this is way too funny,” she wrote alongside the photo. “Does this look like a toaster on fire to anyone else?”

The product is only for indoor use, and the retailer describes the look as having a “fireplace ambience”. The flames that flicker out of the diffuser are created by a fine mist and orange light.

Many Kmart fans were fooled by the ad, with a slew of people saying it looked like an urgent recall for faulty toasters.


“My Kmart toaster started smoking the other day and looked very similar to that. I thought yours did the same thing,” one person commented.

“It looks like it can set the house on fire,” another added.

“I had to re-read [the description] because I wasn’t sure I had read it correctly,” a third chimed in.

“The only aroma out of that is BURNING TOAST,” another remarked.

L: Kmart Fire Aroma Diffuser box. R: Kmart Fire Aroma Diffuser
The $45 item produces some realistic-looking flames. Photo: TikTok/caitlinmark (TikTok/caitlinmark)

Others praised the product and urged shoppers to grab one for their home.

“They do look quite effective. My boss has one in his office and it looks amazing!” a shopper wrote.

“Yes, my daughter has one and it’s horrific lol. I worry that the neighbours are going to see it ‘burning’ when on at night and then the fire brigade [will] rock up!!” another quipped.

“I’ve got one and it freaks people out when it’s going in my kitchen…it cracks me up…it is pretty cool,” a third remarked.


On Kmart’s website, the diffuser has garnered only five-star reviews, with one customer admitting her husband was fooled by the fake flames and wanted to ‘extinguish’ it.

“Don’t walk, run to get this diffuser, it is amazing,” they wrote. “It really looks like flames are coming out the top. Had to tell hubby it is supposed to look like this.”

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