Kmart $35 clipper blamed for 'burning' TikToker's hair off: 'Painful'

The influencer slammed the cheap retailer on TikTok.

A Kmart shopper has claimed one of the retailer’s budget products “burnt” her boyfriend’s hair off in a “super painful” way. In a TikTok video, Yasmin revealed that the incident happened while he was using Kmart’s $35 hair clipper to give himself a “fresh haircut” at home.

Even though he had freshly washed his hair prior to using it and oiled the blade, Yasmin said his hair was now falling out after using the beauty appliance.

L: TikToker showing her boyfriend's damaged hair. R: Kmart hair clipper
The TikToker has blamed Kmart's $35 hair clipper for her boyfriend's burnt and damaged hair. Photo: TikTok/yassssyyy

In the video, she showed what the handheld appliance looked like, and noted that there was just an ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch, no other settings. She pointed out how the clippers had damaged his head while running her fingers through his hair.

“Look at his hair, look what’s happened to it…it’s literally split, I don’t know if you guys can see that but it’s split and f**king burnt his head. You can kind of see here how it’s all sitting, but I even just pulled some out and it came out, see it’s coming out. It’s splitting off,” she said.


When her boyfriend Ciaran suggested that his hair maybe just “folded over”, she shut him down and said it was definitely burnt.

“No, it feels f**ked, like you can — put your head up — you can see the top of it…you can even see it’s all f**ked up,” she said.

To fix the disaster, the pair had to shave his hair even shorter with one of Yasmin’s father’s razors.

A hairdresser asked some questions about their experience in the comments, and added some insight to the possible cause of the issue.

“The clipper blade is blunt and it would be cutting, then not cutting, and repeat. Does that make sense?” she asked. “It’s blunt and it’s pulling because it’s getting stuck, then just snaps off. [I’d] return it and get [your] money back.”


L: Close up of hair and fingers pulling it. R: TikToker Ciaran before the haircut
The influencer demonstrated how Ciaran's hair was falling out after using the clipper. Photo: TikTok/yassssyyy & ciaringe

Other shoppers warned against using Kmart hair products, with some even sharing their own horror stories.

“As much as I love Kmart, I refuse to buy anything Anko branded that has to do with hair (specifically heat or cutting) for this reason alone,” one person wrote.

“Definitely tell them, we bought a shaver and it chewed the skin, blood everywhere. They recalled them,” another added.

“You get what you pay for honestly lmaoo,” a third joked.

When Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Kmart for comment, a spokesperson said: "At Kmart, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products to our customers at prices they love. We take feedback on the safety and quality of our products very seriously and are looking into these comments with our quality team.

"We encourage any customers that have a concern with one of our products to reach out to our friendly customer care team at to ensure that it can be investigated properly."

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