Kmart shoppers go wild for budget DIY trend: 'So lifelike'

Aussies are showing off the creative ways they're decorating their homes with artificial greenery.

Kmart shoppers have been going wild for the store's stone floor tiles for months, but it seems there's a new DIY item they now can't get enough of.

The store's $12 artificial plant tiles are a winning praise for their ability to transform spaces around the home, from the balcony to the laundry and even the kitchen.

Proud Kmart customers have been showing off their efforts with the plant tiles, and fellow fans of the budget retailer are loving their designs.

Kmart artificial plant tile backdrop on deck
The stunning wall feature featuring Kmart's artificial plant tiles cost a fraction of the price of a live vertical garden. Photo: Facebook

One clever shopper was "wrapped" with her clever use of the tiles on her deck."There are 28 tiles costing $364, they click together and it's very thick. My aim was to help hide the green wall of the apartment building," she said of her creation. "It looks absolutely amazing and my deck is the talk of the building!"

The DIY enthusiast completed the look with a neon sign which reads "The Deck!" in the middle of the plant-tiled wall. Fellow Kmart fans loved the idea, saying it looks "so good" and likened it to a tropical set on Love Island.


Revealing how she did it, the shopper said she clicked each of the 60cm by 40cm plant tiles together and attached them to the wall using small concrete nails and industrial double-sided tape to hold it in place, describing the process as "very simple".

Another clever Kmart fan decided to use the plant tiles as a splashback solution in her laundry. "I'm thinking outside the box for my laundry splashback. I'm sick of tiles so I thought I would try the fake ivy," she shared on Facebook. "Keep in mind I've only put three up for now," she added.

Kmart artificial plant tiles on laundry splashback
One adventurous Kmart shopper added the greenery to her laundry splashback. Photo: Facebook

Her inventiveness paid off with plenty of people saying they loved her idea. "I actually really like it for a laundry. It's different," one person responded, with another adding, "I am so going to pinch your idea. It looks amazing."

Despite the dozens who loved it, others were concerned about one thing: dust. "Looks fabulous. My only concern is cleaning BUT really is economical enough to be able to replace often," someone suggested.

Meanwhile, others shared that they had used the wall decor in numerous areas of their home, including privacy screens along the top of fencing, birthday party backdrops, decorative walls in the kitchen, outdoor vertical gardens and even ornamental wall hangings threaded with fairy lights.

Kmart artificial plant tiles covering kitchen wall
The versatile plant tiles have been used all over homes to make dull spaces more appealing. Photo: Facebook

Apart from the versatility of the tiles, shoppers said they're also great value for money. "This is amazing quality for the price. Comparable to more expensive brands. Will be buying more," one reviewer wrote on the Kmart website. "Amazing lifelike appearance and amazing price," reads another review.

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