Kmart shopper totally transforms front porch with $29 item: 'Just wow'

Social media users were stunned by the results.

The Kmart light stone decking tiles have been hacked dozens of times, but one Aussie's use of them has totally blown people away.

A clever mum completely transformed her front porch using $319 worth of Kmart stone tiles, sharing her success and letting others in on her secret to achieving such professional results.

Kmart stone tile hack
Using the four-pack of tiles, one Aussie Kmart fan was able to totally transform her entryway. Source: Kmart/Facebook

Offering a step-by-step rundown she posted her project on social media and needless to say, fellow Kmart fans were super impressed by her efforts.

“This wins for the best Kmart hack I ever did see! Boy it turned out stunning!!” one impressed person wrote.

“WOW WOW WOW!!! Looks amazing!” added another, with a third saying, “Looks amazing, must have taken you ages to do it, but so worth it. Beautiful”.


After revealing she used 11 packs of the $29 tiles on an area of approximately 3 metres by 2.6 metres, she detailed the step-by-step process of how she did it.

“I first washed the concrete porch and let it dry,” she began before revealing her secret to getting each stone so perfectly placed.

Kmart stone tile hack
Like a giant puzzle, each stone was removed from the mesh backing and put in place. Source: Facebook

Her secret to getting it right

Instead of laying the tiled stones as a full piece, she revealed she painstakingly “pulled each single tile off of the mesh and stuck each one down one by one” using a tile adhesive.

After letting the adhesive dry over a few days, she then used white grout and spread it through each gap in the stones.

“I allowed it to dry partly then used a wet sponge to wipe it over a few times until the grout haze had gone,” she wrote. Once it was dry she gave the new flooring three coats of clear sealer allowing it to dry once again for 72 hours before styling it.

Kmart stone tile hack
Although the task took her some time, the result was well worth the effort. Source: Facebook

She added that she purchased all the other products from Bunnings including the tools with the entire remarkable project setting her back just $400.

After sharing her hack on the Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Australia Facebook page, her post quickly racked up more than 2,500 likes and over 400 comments.

Most of the comments were from others keen to find out all the details of how she did it and test out the hack themselves.

You picked off each tile?

Although people loved the results, many were confused about why she went to so much effort to pull each piece of stone off the mesh backing.

“Any particular reason why you took the backing mesh off the stone pieces? The idea of the mesh is to make it easier to tile,” one person queried.

“Omg, you must have a lot of patience to peel off each individual piece. The result is fantastic though,” observed another.

“So you picked off each bit of rock and hand-laid them?” asked another.

Kmart stone tile hack
What was once a plain concrete slab, has been transformed into an impressive entry with a coastal vibe. Source: Facebook

But the woman said there was a good reason behind the lengthy process.

“It’s so it doesn’t have straight edges and look like tiles,” she explained.

“We took them all off because we found we could tell which were still on the mesh compared to what we lay individually. But that is a personal choice,” she said.

With results like this, it seems her hard work was absolutely worth it.

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