Kmart shoppers go wild for $30 dupe of $610 kitchen item: 'Absolutely love it'

Kmart fans have flipped over the store’s new coloured cookware, with one ecstatic shopper calling it her “dream kitchen colour palette”.

The budget retailer recently dropped the 4L Cast Iron Casserole in Blush which is seemingly the stylish colour to add to your kitchen right now.

Kmart pink pots
A pink pot fan shared her Kmart find after posting pictured of her own pink inspired kitchen. Source: Facebook.

One woman who spotted the new $30 pots in store said she just “had to share” her find with other Kmart fans on a dedicated Facebook page.

“I was in Kmart the other day and found pink pots!” She declared, adding that she has had her own set of pink pots and pans for some time now.

“I always get asked where mine are from. So when I found these at Kmart I had to share!”

It wasn’t long before her post was flooded with comments from fellow Kmart fans saying they “needed them” and that they “loved them”.

“Stop it Kmart! Stop making incredible products at affordable prices, it makes me want to buy everything you currently sell,” one person said.

It's another dupe!

Other fans noticed that the casserole pots appeared to be a dupe of a luxury kitchen brand, likening them to the $610 rose pink pot sold by Le Creuset.

“I have this cast iron pot from Kmart but in green. Love love love it and at about 10 percent of the Le Creuset price,” one shopper said.


An online review of the Kmart dupe offered a similar opinion, with happy customers saying they've cooked a range of meals in it from sausages to soups and pastas.

Kmart pink pots
Several shoppers who had purchased the Kmart version agreed that it was well worth the $30 price tag.

“Don't waste your money on expensive brands. This one does the job. I have made bread and casseroles, which turned out great. Easy clean,” they stated.

"Why pay $600+ when you can buy this? Absolutely love it and am using it more than I imagined I would... it's super easy to clean up afterwards. Did I mention I love it?" wrote yet another impressed customer.

The cast iron casserole pot is “designed to retain heat” making it 'perfect' for making slow-cooked meals and stews. It’s oven safe and can be used on gas, ceramic, induction, electric and halogen cooktops. It's also available in two other colours at Kmart including sage and grey.

And while Kmart seems to be the cheapest place to nab a coloured casserole dish, some pointed out that they are indeed available at other outlets including Aldi during their Special Buys sale, Harris Scarf and Amazon.

'Still going strong

But it seems you can’t go wrong with the Kmart dupe with several people saying they are “top” quality.

“There was this same thing about 2 years ago where Kmart had it and so did Harris Scarfe and Kmart’s were cheaper…Kmart has different colours too,” one person pointed out.

Kmart pink pots
While most people seem to have their eye on the blush coloured pots, there's also a grey and a sage green available. Source: Kmart

“I have a set of blue Kmart pots I bought when I first moved out of home in 2007. Still to this day, 16 years later, they are my trusty pots and in tip-top shape!” confirmed another.

While it seems pink kitchenware is having a moment, some did have a word of warning after purchasing coloured cookware.

“Sometimes you need to beware of coloured cookware and dinnerware. I love pink and bought a pink muffin tray from Coles and all the pink paint came off into the muffins when baking,” one person warned.

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