Kmart fans obsessed with $15 dupe of $370 item: 'So comfy'

Customers are raving about the quality of these slippers.

Kmart fans are stocking up on the store's latest must-have buy after a savvy shopper noticed a striking similarity to a much more expensive product. At just $15, the Kmart Furry Footbed Slippers are flying off shelves as customers snap up the "practical and comfortable" slipper/sandal combo.

The budget footwear also bares a striking resemblance to the Arizona Big Buckle Teddy Shearling Sandals by German brand Birkenstock, which sell for $373. "Saw Birkenstock are selling slippers, which is literally the exact thing Kmart has for way cheaper," one customer pointed out on Facebook. "I have a pair that has lasted months at this point," she added about the five-star rated Kmart pair.

Kmart Birkenstock dupe
Shoppers say the $15 Kmart shoes on the left rival a $373 pair of sandals from Birkenstock. Photo: Kmart/Birkenstock

Several other Kmart fans also praised the shoes for going the distance. "I've had mine nearly two years and they are still in excellent shape and I just about live in mine too. I bought another pair last year in case they were discontinued but still don't need to use them as my originals are going strong. Best $15 spent!" one shopper raved.


"I got these six months ago and I tell you what, everywhere I go I wear them, they are so comfy," one person commented. "I have the pink ones and have had them for a few years now and they're literally my fave. I have real Birks and my fluffy Kmarts I think are definitely just as comfortable," a third impressed customer commented.

Kmart Birkenstock dupe
Shoppers are also comparing the $15 Kmart Furry Footbed slippers to the $300 Arizona Light Rose Suede Leather/Shearling shoes from Birkenstock. Photo: Kmart/Birkenstock

'I love them'

The slippers have been part of Kmart's autumn range for a few years, but it seems they're now more popular than ever. Dozens of shoppers said that every time the shoes are restocked, they snap up a new pair in different colours.

"I have about eight pairs of these. I stocked up a few years ago when they first came out just in case the Kmart craze took over and they were hard to find," one huge fan said. "I bought five pairs... great for comfort. I have the slippers in cream, pink, and coffee colour. I love them even though I am an Uggs person," another added.

Another shopper said she was so impressed with the quality and comfort, she'd been buying them for years. "I have these in all three colours, absolutely love them. This will be my third year buying them from Kmart. Wear them nearly all year round at home," she wrote.

Kmart Birkenstock dupe
Dozens of Kmart customers have raved about the quality of these shoes, with some saying they've been wearing the same pair for years. Photo: Kmart

Only drawback

Some shoppers said the cheaper pair does have one downfall. Although they're comfortable, the Kmart slipper straps aren't adjustable, which can make them quite loose across the top of the foot.

Despite this, they still seem to be a new-season staple with multiple stores showing low or zero stock. So if you're looking to grab a pair you'd better head into Kmart fast.

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