Kmart shoppers divided over viral $3 item: 'Looks dangerous'

Would you use a cordless jump rope?

A Kmart fan has taken to Facebook to share their surprise at a new $3 item that allows you to skip indoors safely.

"I'm not often lost for words..." a user shared on Facebook, alongside a photo of Kmart's Cordless Jump Rope.

Kmart's cordless jump rope
Kmart shoppers have been left divided over a $3 item, with some loving it and others saying it 'looks dangerous'. Photo: Kmart

They told Yahoo Lifestyle, "I am imagining sitting in my recliner chair and swinging one with my foot while watching the soapies! Exercise done!"

Many other Facebook users were surprised by the item, with another adding, "But… just jump up and down turning your arms around to the side? What’s the point of holding handles when there’s nothing to jump over?"

"I'd still trip on it," another joked.

"So, just jumping then lol," a third said, with another saying, "For $3! It means more if you have to pay for it."


"This will go perfectly with my tyre-less bicycle," someone else said.

"Suddenly double-unders seem achievable," another quipped, with one saying it "looks dangerous".

However, some thought it was a great idea, with one user writing, "Maybe useful to someone who lives in a small apartment and doesn't have room for a rope to be swinging around into furniture etc."

"I imagine that's its a great way to get the same workout that skipping gives but without a tripping hazard. Could be good for rehab!" another said. "Also, I think skippers who compete could use these as a way to train higher level skills, simulating the weight and rhythm but without the stress of tripping whilst learning new acro skills etc."

"Also useful for skipping indoors and/or small spaces. No rope to whip off your lamp shades or tangle in your dining room chairs," a third agreed.


"Genuinely think this would be useful for skipping indoors," someone else said. "I needed to do skipping for some Achilles tendon rehab but the rope I had would hit the ceiling. And as dumb as it sounds, jumping on the spot just doesn’t have the same feel to it mentally."

"I get the 'stupidness of it', but it’s actually useful, I have a toddler who tries to jump in with me every time I have the rope, so using this makes it easier for me to exercise while also making sure my toddler doesn’t faceplant trying to join me," someone else said.

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