Kmart raises eyebrows by adding $4 plywood coffin to its range: 'Made me look twice'

The item gives new meaning to the phrase 'shop til you drop'.

In its latest bold move, Kmart has ventured into the afterlife with a surprising addition to its Halloween lineup—a plywood coffin.

While Halloween merchandise is nothing new, Aussie shoppers were left scratching their heads when the retailer advertised a $4 plywood coffin with the tagline 'At Kmart, you'll always find low prices for life.'

Kmart coffin for Halloween
The Kmart coffin has been advertised with the tagline 'At Kmart you'll always find low prices for life.' Photo: Kmart

"Just a casual coffin," one member of the popular Kmart Hacks and Decor group quipped, sharing a screenshot of a sponsored post from the retailer featuring the unusual item. "I know it's a Halloween decoration, but it still made me look twice," they added.

The reactions to this unexpected offering ranged from amusement to mild bewilderment, with some questioning if Kmart had taken the Halloween spirit a bit too far.

"WHY?" one person exclaimed, while another admitted, "I also did a double-take with this!"


In a cheeky twist, one commenter couldn't help but jest, "Low prices for life... and death?" It seems that Kmart's playful Halloween offering has left shoppers with plenty to talk about this spooky season.

"I'm assuming it's quite small and not human-sized," someone speculated, and they would be correct.

According to the Kmart website, the plywood coffin measures a mere 11.2cm x 25.3cm x 7.5cm, making it too small even for a standard Barbie doll to rest in peace comfortably.

Nevertheless, despite the initial surprise, some shoppers are already embracing the spooky spirit.

"I need this!" one person remarked, while another resourceful individual shared their DIY hack, revealing plans for Halloween at their workplace. They transformed the plywood coffin into a glam piece of decor by decorating it with jewels and adding a leopard print lining.

Kmart coffin makeover
Group members shared their creative ideas for the item. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Decor & Hacks

"Now all you need is a tiny skeleton," quipped one commenter.

Another shopper shared how their 13-year-old enthusiastically rushed out to buy one of these coffins.

"It's super cute!" they exclaimed. "She had fun drawing on it,"

Kmart may not be the first to venture into the world of afterlife-inspired products. Interestingly, one shopper pointed out that you can actually buy real coffins at Costco, even though they are usually not showcased in-store.

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