Renters lose it over Kmart and Bunnings $13 DIY lighting hack: 'So so clever'

Spruce up your rental space with this stylish DIY bedside pendant lamp.

If you're a renter, you're probably familiar with the challenges of decorating your living space without breaking the bank...or your lease.

Dealing with the constant need for landlord approval and the restriction on making any permanent fixtures, the entire experience can quickly become more trouble than it's worth.

With this in mind, home and rental-friendly décor expert, @homestylebytiff, has shared an easy DIY hack on TikTok for making your own bedside pendant lamp, with a few simple items from Kmart and Bunnings.

Woman's hanging light hack for renters

The home renovator, who specialises in what she dubs the art of "making a rental house a home," wrote alongside the post, "if you’ve been following me for a while you would have seen I’ve made plenty of different versions of rental friendly pendant lights."

"I normally go with large basket type shades but thought I would try a cheap and small alternative this time round."


"I love the way it turned out and for a total cost of $13.15 I’m definitely not complaining."

Her followers and fellow home decor enthusiasts were thrilled to discover this affordable lighting alternative for renters.

One fan commented, "it’s renter-friendly and super affordable!!! Thank you for the amazing idea!!!" while another said, "I need to do this in my bedroom! Awesome hack. I actually have these pots in my house haha."

"You're a genius!" someone else wrote, while another called the hack "so so clever."

DIY pendant lighting
The entire lighting solution can be made for less than $14. Photo: TikTok/@stylebytiff

Putting It Together: Your DIY Kmart and Bunnings Lamp

Here's what you'll need for your DIY lamp:

  • Small White Linear Pot from Kmart or a pot of your choice

  • Starter cord

  • Cotton cord

  • Medium-sized kitchen hooks

  • Battery-powered pendant-sized light


  1. Select a lightweight pot with a hole in the bottom that can accommodate the pendant light's circumference.

  2. Measure the starter cord's length from your ceiling to the desired light hanging point.

  3. Thread the starter cord through the pot's hole from the exterior.

  4. Secure the pot in place by tying two knots at the base (add more knots if necessary).

  5. Prepare your pendant light by unscrewing the back and inserting the batteries.

  6. Thread the cotton cord through the pendant light's exterior hole and tie a knot.

  7. Reassemble the pendant light by screwing on the back, creating a cord attachment.

  8. Securely fasten the cord to the pot's interior knot.

  9. Install a hook on the ceiling above your chosen light-hanging spot.

  10. Create a tight loop at the end of the starter cord, hang it on the ceiling hook, and turn on your light.

Watch the complete DIY Kmart and Bunnings lamp video here.

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