Kmart shopper transforms outdoor table with $26 product: 'Genius'

Fellow Kmart fans were amazed by her incredible DIY "hack".

Kmart's adhesive tiles have been a big hit with DIY enthusiasts since they were released as part of the retailer's home renovation range, with creative shoppers continually finding practical uses for them.

One such customer discovered the tiles can be used to give glass outdoor tables a glow-up, sharing pics of her own furniture transformation to a popular Kmart hacks group on Facebook. The extraordinary flip fetched thousands of likes and over 400 comments, with one impressed group member commenting, "Wow! What a great idea! I have two of those tables that need revamping! Thank you for the inspiration!"

Glass table before and after with Kmart tiles attached
The old table was completely revamped by Kmart's adhesive tiles. Photo: Facebook

Explaining how she did it, the woman said she used five packs of Kmart's mosaic self adhesive 3D tiles, which retail for $26 a pack.

"Now that's just bloody genius!" another member responded.


DIY warning

While the old table was beautifully brought back to life, some cautioned using the adhesive tiles on glass. "Some of these tables are known to explode, the glass shattering," one person wrote. "They aren't designed with this extra weight in mind. While it looks great the constant comment is the tiles are sticky and can't be cleaned, and fade in the sun. I wouldn't risk it."

Glass table Kmart hack
Some Kmart shoppers warned against trying this project at home. Photo: Facebook

Another person said she'd done the same thing, however, had upgraded to "real tiles" after the weather faded the adhesive ones.

Others agreed that cleaning the tiles was a problem because they have a "gritty and sticky" surface.

"I ended up removing mine off my table because everything stuck to the table. Was such a shame as I really loved the look," one person warned. "Same with this lady's table. It looks so good but unfortunately may drive her insane too."

The only ones that work

Despite the warnings, another person said she'd also "jumped on the bandwagon" and transformed her outdoor table. However, she used a different adhesive tile also available at Kmart. She simply wiped the glass down to remove any dust and placed the tiles on top. Before long she had a new tabletop for $45.

Glass table Kmart hack
Other Kmart fans have put the "hack" to work as well. Photo: Facebook

"Re-did our outdoor table today. Much better than the streaky glass," she wrote. "30cmx30cm adhesive vinyl floor Kmart tiles laid on top of the glass. Easier to wipe and keep clean and no more drinks banging on the glass."

She added that she had no issues with stickiness and that the table was in fact easier to clean now with "no more streaky glass".

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