Kmart fans split over popular winter buy: 'Who's actually microwaving slippers?'

Some shoppers are disgusted by the thought of putting footwear in a kitchen appliance.

Shoppers are rushing into Kmart to bag themselves a new foot-warming winter buy, but the popular item is already dividing opinion.

Microwaveable slippers are the latest item flying off shelves at the budget retailer, and for $20 people think they're a steal as similar slippers are selling on Amazon for over $60.

According to the Kmart website, the slippers can be used to not only keep your feet toasty but can also provide relief from "aches and pains when warm" and may offer "temporary relief from sprains and bruises".

Kmart microwaveable slippers
The microwaveable Kmart slippers are designed to keep your feet warm for up to 20 minutes after heating. Photo: Kmart

The slippers can be heated in a microwave or cooled in a freezer, depending whether you'd like warm or cold feet, much to the amazement of shoppers. "Shut the front door!" one Kmart fan wrote about the footwear on Facebook. "We need these!" another added.


Not everyone is convinced the microwaveable slippers are good idea though, with some questioning exactly how sanitary they can be if they're worn then placed in an appliance where food is prepared.

"So who's out here microwaving slippers? I just couldn't," one person commented. "How do you wash these? They go from the floor to the microwave. So it's a bit gross," asked another. "I'm not sure how I feel about these. I'd looovvveee warm slippers - but yuck," shared a third.

Others suggested wrapping the slippers in a tea towel or pillowcase before microwaving them to make them more sanitary. Someone else recommended putting shower caps around the bottom of the slippers before walking in them.

Kmart microwaveable slippers
The popular Kmart slippers can be used for hot and cold therapy. Photo: Kmart

'Impossible to walk in'

Some shoppers who have already snagged a pair of the Kmart slippers have one major gripe with them. "These slippers are absolutely ridiculous!" one unhappy customer remarked. "They do have a removable heat pack for each foot that you warm up. But unless you intend on sitting down the entire time they are useless, the heat packs move and they are impossible to walk in."

"Unless you aren't going to be walking around I think they are pointless. They aren't comfortable to walk around in due to the heat packs," agreed another shopper.

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