Kmart shopper shares 'perfect' $30 wall cleaning hack: 'It will change your life'

The affordable Kmart cleaning hack has gone viral online.

The mum used Sugar Soap (left) and a handy mop and bucket from Kmart (centre) to clean walls (right).
A mum has shared a hack for cleaning walls at home. Photo: TikTok/@theorganisedeverydaymum

An Australian mum has gone viral on TikTok after sharing an affordable hack for cleaning walls at home. Monique Popa, known under the handle @theorganisedeverydaymum, took to the app to show her more than 46,000 followers how she cleans her walls with a $30 product from budget retailer Kmart.

“This is a cleaning hack you wish you would have known sooner,” Popa said in the opening of the video, which now boasts over 1 million views. “I recently went into Kmart and bought their $30 3-in-1 mop and bucket – yes, $30 only. This is the perfect set to clean your walls.”

She explained the bucket’s three different compartments: one for the clean water, one for “dipping” the mop into, and one for the dirty water.


“It actually separates the dirty and the clean water,” Popa added.

“All I did was add Sugar Soap and warm water, I dip the mop in and off I went.

"I just ran (the mop) over the edge of the skirting board … the mop is going in one continuous movement from top to bottom and back down again, and then just let it dry.”

The mum explained that the hack was perfect for her household, where she lives with her toddlers and puppy.

“Look how easily it just gets it all off,” she gushed. “Mums, if you hate cleaning walls, this is a solution for you."

Popa’s followers rushed to the video’s comment section to share their own experiences with the cleaning tool, from those equally as thrilled to those less enthused.

“As a cleaner these are the best invention!” one follower wrote. “I even use the mops to wash outside windows!”

“This mop is amazing, I’m a cleaner and use it for the floors, ceilings and walls,” another cleaning professional chimed in.

“I have been doing this for a while, I also add the laundry beads that you put in your washing to give your rooms a fresh smell,” a third commenter shared, while another explained an alternative hack to using sugar soap.

Other Kmart customers shared their reviews of the bucket. Credit: TikTok/theorganisedeverydaymum
Other Kmart customers shared their reviews of the bucket. Credit: TikTok/theorganisedeverydaymum

“We use dishwashing liquid and laundry powder in warm water,” they said. “Has been better than Sugar Soap especially for harder marks and grubby fingers.”

“This mop is the best!,” a fellow follower exclaimed. “Have had it for two months and I’ll never use another one again.”

Popa even added in the comment section that she cleaned her entire house without needing to refill the bucket.

However, there were some commenters who shared mixed or negative experiences with the Kmart product.

“Been doing this for years now, only bad thing is the pads only last a few washes and they don’t sell replacement pads,” one follower said.

“This one slipped when I pushed too hard and I scratched my wall,” said another.

The Kmart 3-in-1 mop and bucket (from far away) and up close (right).
The Kmart 3-in-1 mop and bucket is just $30. Photo: Kmart

“I don’t like my mop,” a third disgruntled commenter added. “It doesn’t squeeze out enough water without leaving my tiles really wet and as they are white, they are full of streaks.”

Despite this, the majority of the more than 600 comments praised the mop for its efficacy and affordability.


Some commenters even shared additional hacks for the 3-in-1 mop and bucket, including using Tricleanium’s concentrated cleaner instead of Sugar Soap.

“Works better with boiling water from the jug,” another follower said.

The mop can be purchased for $30 in stores or online, while TikTokers have shared that replacement pads are available at competing stores including Bunnings, Ebay and Temu.

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