The $5 'miracle' cleaning spray winning Aussies over: 'It's all I use'

The product has developed a cult-like following online.

A $5 all-purpose cleaner is winning the hearts of Aussies, with some confessing it's "all they use" to keep their home germ-free and smelling great. The Vanilla Fresh Fridge Wipe & Deodorizer is being hailed as the only thing needed to clean and keep things smelling fresh, with a cult-like following online. Available at Coles and Woolworths, the inexpensive spray is $5.25 and isn’t made from harsh chemicals.

Seeking advice on using the popular product around the home, an anonymous member of the Facebook cleaning group Cleaning and Organising Inspiration Australia asked what the best uses for the spray are.

Among the hundreds of comments was a vast array of uses for the all-purpose antibacterial spray, first launched in 1988 as the answer to deodorising and sanitising fridges - with literally dozens of different uses.

Vanilla Fresh Cleaning hack
Vanilla Fresh Cleaning hack

"I wipe down everything with it from the kitchen, bathroom, lounge room to bedroom, even my bed frame. It makes everything smell so good," one fan said.

An abundance of others agreed, saying they use it across all the general high-traffic rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and living areas.

"It's great for wiping over door knobs and light switches. I like to use it with coconut oil and bicarb paste in the bathroom. And with a lemon-based cleaner in the kitchen. The house smells like lemon meringue pie by the time I've finished," one person revealed.

But others took it a step further, using it in their car, washing machine, freshening up the bin, as an iron aid and even kitty litter trays.


The spray is said to eliminate 99.9% of germs and is food-safe, but it appears to be the fresh vanilla scent that really wins homeowners over.

"I reckon I've been using it for 25-odd years! My favourite use is wiping over the cooktop while it's still hot... you end up with a beautiful baked vanilla smell wafting through the house!" another said.

The Aussie-made spray was developed in Melbourne by the food-related business McLintocks and has been on the market for over 30 years.

Vanilla Fresh Cleaning hack
Vanilla Fresh Cleaning hack

While many said they had used the product for years, dozens admitted they had no idea just how vastly it could be used.

"I've only ever used it in the fridge! Thanks for expanding my horizons!" One person admitted on the post.

Among some of the most uniquely creative uses of the spray was to clean and deodorise air conditioning filters and vacuum cleaners.

"I have sprayed it on the filter in my a/c (removed filter and sprayed it, let dry and then put it back in). It makes the whole place smell AMAZING," one person shared.

"I put this in my robot vac. Love waking up in the morning to the smell," added another.

However, if you're not a vanilla essence fan, the product may not be for you, with some saying it's a little too "overpowering" for their liking.

But if you're after one product to use across the entire house - this appears to be a winner.

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